Best practice for scanning cookbooks and then adding the OCR text and pictures in Paprika?

Hello everyone,
Today I received my book scanner (Czur Shine) and now I can finally start to scan my books. I decided to start with my cookbooks. My idea is to put the scanned results (scanned to PDF or Word with OCR) in the software Paprika.
Have anyone of you started a similar project with scanning cookbooks? What was your best practice and how did it turn out for you?

All the best,


P.S: I have tried to contact Paprikas support, but they aren’t exactly great into replying to me.

Are you sure that Paprika can import and scan PDFs, placing the recipe data into Paprika’s database?

PDF is not one of the import formats shown on Paprika’s help page.

Dear Quorm,
Well I’ve noticed the same. Perhaps I should change from Paprika to something else? If so, what software that will help me out with this?

Maybe put your recipe PDFs in DEVONthink or Keep It or Eagle Filer, or just organize them in the file system?


Thank you for your suggestions. I do have Evernote, which is together with Devonthink and the other two great archive software.

But I am still into a special software for collecting recipes. Paprika is good for digital collecting, like finding recipes on line and adding them to Paprika. It’s easy to search in. But as we now found out not great for importing from analog books.

P.S. I just love Devonthink, but not a user at this time… I have Devonthink Pro ver. 1 :wink:

P.S. Again. This guy was thinking similar ideas like min, back in 2013 (his solution for the scanned books was… Evernote)

DEVONthink is now up to version 3.

Oh boy, @MacSparky needs to come in here and tell you about how he used a saw to process some of his cookbooks…

I think @Bernt_Mansson’s fancy scanner obviates the need for the saw.

Sigh… it’s always the link I don’t click, :smile:

Ooohh… nasty thought… using the saw.
Well I’ve done it with almost all my papermagazines I’ve bought. Saw, sawed, scanned, OCRed and then the magazines went to recycling.


Yes. But the band saw is so satisfying. The only thing I didn’t realize was that Daisy’s wrath for me cutting up cook books was way more dangerous than the saw.


I have either taken the OCR and opened it in PDF Express and did a cut and paste or, if I have an ePub of a cookbook, convert it into a PDF using Calibre then moving it over…