Best Remote Desktop solution

I tend to use Teamviewer when I help people on other locations. But don’t we have this built in in macOS nowadays?
The beauty of Teamviewer is that it just works. No port forwarding, firewall settings etc. Unfortunately it’s quite expensive.

Any suggestions? :thinking:

Apple abandoned Back to my Mac several years ago. The built in Screen is still in Monterey but I haven’t used it in recent years.

Apple still sells Apple Remote Desktop for $79. At one time it was an excellent product costing several hundred dollars but Apple forgot it to death, and I stopped using it in 2016-17. It still has a 2 star rating but rarely gets, or deserves, more than a 1 star in recent years. I now use Screens (IOS only) rarely.

But there are many more choices now than I would have guessed:

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Free TeamViewer is still out there if the need is personal. If this is for work, do you already have access to screen sharing through a video chat tool?

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Definitely Jump Desktop. One-time purchase (separately for the Mac and the iOS though) and no subscription. No messing with port forwarding needed either. Free Jump Desktop Connect is required on the target machine.


I have used RealVNC for many years with both Mac and Windows computers after Teamviewer changed their business model.

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Another vote for Jump Desktop. I used Back to My Mac, then Screens, and then switched to Jump Desktop, which is my favorite. It’s been a while since I switched, but my recollection is that controlling a remote Mac via the iPad was easier with Jump than with Screens.


Thanks guys, I’ve been working a couple of nights from the TV chair, and while Screens did work, just a few minutes with Jump Desktop really made this a whole lot easier for me.


Sort of. If their automation decides yours is a commercial use, they block it and their process for appealing the decision didn’t work for me, after many tries). Many support messages ignored (or with useless responses). I was using it to support my Mom.


I agree. I used to use screens and parallels access, it jump desktop is soooooo much easier to use.


I use Zoom for this. Everyone in my family uses Zoom. From there, I am able to easily talk my Mom through the process of sharing her desktop and allowing remote support.

Works very well.

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…but wow, just checked out Jump Desktop. Great lead. And it’s part of SetApp, so I already have it! Thanks!


I just use the built in screen sharing with my Mum’s Mac if I need it, which is not often these days. It works through Messages. You can also now remote to iPad and iPhone screens via FaceTime video calls (not audio calls).

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+1 for Jump Desktop. Been using it since I found it in Setapp a year or two ago. Have Mac and iOS clients and have controlled my iMac and a neighbor’s whom I regularly assist with her MacBook.


Use Teamviewer, Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop and Screens in different scenarios:
Teamviewer between my own (remote) Macs
Apple Remote Desktop within my own network (convenient and quick)
Microsoft Remote Desktop for my Windows PC and Windows365
Screens as some in my family and friends circles have it

Like Teamviewer, still the best and I have a paid subscription. It just works.

If I need to remote with 3rd parties I normally use screensharing in Zoom or Teams. No learning curve and can get most of the things done, or if needed visually guide people.

If you have Setapp, Jump Desktop is a no-brainer. Solid app.


I used Citrix (really expensive) back in the day, and, more recently, Teamviewer and Chrome Remote Desktop. I never could make Back to My Mac work. Anyway, Jump Desktop works perfectly, really amazing compared to the others. And, as noted, it is part of Setapp. The iOS version isn’t included in Setapp, but it isn’t expensive. I haven’t heard of any security problems with Jump Desktop, but I would feel better if it had an independent security review. If it were to get hacked, your computers would be dead meat. (Microsoft Remote Desktop is famous for security flaws.)