Best Robot Vacuumer?

So what’s the best robot vacuumer out there?

It’s a fact that needs such myself detest cleaning, because it takes us away from all the nerdery that we like to do. So let’s hear it :blush:

Depends on the floor type :slight_smile: I have the Deebot T8 because of the mopping system. Works great.

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What’s the mopping system?

I have partly wooden floor covered in places by carpets

They call it Ozmo Pro. It vibrates while mopping and thus cleans better than other robots. But mopping by hand is still superior :slight_smile:

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The latest generation of the iRobot would be my personal pick.


We bought a Roomba i8+ about 5 months ago. It is the model made for Costco by iRobot. It is the same as the Roomba 7+ but the Costco version comes with bigger battery and an extra bag (and costs less). It self-empties following each vacuuming. It does very good job at our house (wood floors and some carpets). It maps your house and sets up “rooms”. The software is easy enough for you to manually define rooms and areas in your house. I’m not sure if it’s the “best” but we are very satisfied with it.


We have a dog and a cat and a Roomba 980. Even without the self emptying and room mapping of the newer machines, it’s still a great machine. Great for allergies, as I vacuum every day downstairs and upstairs on weekends.


Why’s that? What does it do that you particularly like? I just find that ep they are unbelievably expensive

They’re like Apple products. They look very nice and last for a very long time. It does what you would expect it to do in regards to cleaning floors.


I agree. It’s what I want as well. Precisely. What’s the model you have and how much did you pay, if I may ask?

What kind of floors do you have? I have a 3-4 year old Roomba and it’s ok. I have very thick carpet, and it mostly gets what is on top. It certainly doesn’t deep clean (which I didn’t expect it to with this kind of carpet). It also tends to braid the cat hair and leaves it behind, which is easy enough to pick up. It also leaves patterns in the carpet around furniture that don’t look great if you care about that kind of thing (again, mostly to do with the way my carpet is).

It also has limitations. It gets stuck on some pretty minor flooring changes (going from carpet to tile or back again). Sometimes it will do these fine, sometimes it will be insurmountable and I will get an alarm that it is stuck. It also needs bright light. If I don’t leave the bathroom light on, it will get stuck in the bathroom. Sometimes I will get an alarm that it is stuck, sometimes it will just do circles until the battery dies (which is down to about 40 minutes of run time now).

I do need a new battery, because if I set it to clean more than one room, it need to recharge in the middle, turning a one hour job into a 4 hour job. (It takes 30 minutes for a Roomba to do a room that you could vacuum yourself in 2 minutes.)

The app has changed a lot of over the years, but I generally don’t use it. I find I always need to do a pick up before running it. Make sure there aren’t cat toys, a dangling cable, etc. Then I just press the button and let it do its thing. The app works, it just really isn’t needed once everything is set up.

I like it, but I don’t love it. Especially for the $600 US I paid for it. It’s most certainly not the Apple of robot vacuums. It’s the over priced mid-range Android phone of vacuums.

A lot of the reviews I have seen think there are other brands that provide a better value.

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Great source of reviews: The 5 Best Robot Vacuums - Spring 2021: Reviews -


Thanks. I’ll keep an eye not to go for a Roomba then.

My floors are wooden with carpeting at places!

And then I have three of these high’ish door steps. How it would fare one of these?

@Joshagos And how would an iRobot?


I don’t know if I would go that far, but definitely look for reviews. Most of us haven’t had a chance to try all the different models so we can’t give you a comparative review. The Roombas are good, but it’s a pretty low bar, especially on carpet.

I just don’t think the technology is as good as it sounds. A robot vacuum is neat for the first month, then you learn the quirks and they are less neat. Everyone I know in RL seems to feel about the same about them. Eventually it’s just quicker to pull out a real vacuum.

Edit: iRobot is the maker of Roomba, they are the same thing. Mine doesn’t do great with little steps. Sometimes it will make it, sometimes it won’t.

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I have the seventh generation of the Roomba. It only cost me $199.

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So I’m seriously considering getting this one:

Anyone who owns it and can share experience?

Does anyone know if iRobot is about to come out with a new model? because then I’ll try and get that instead

I have been researching new robovacs recently. Overall, the iRobot S9 seems to have a lot more issues than others (Reddit mostly). I don’t know if they have been fixed yet. But I am staying away from it.

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Oh, really. What kind? Do you have a link to that? Which, in your research, are you going with?