Best set-up for iPad Pro

I’ve recently sold my MacBook Pro 15" (2015 model) and planning to sell my iPad Pro 12.9 2017 along with the Apple Pencil and Apple leather sleeve. I’ve been thinking about the perfect set-up and would like to have your take on it and anyone who has experience in putting up this kind of set-up.

I mostly draw on my iPad and edit photos and videos. I rarely use it for writing since I don’t have a dedicated keyboard but since I sold my MacBook Pro it is also going to be my writing device as well. I’m contemplating if I should go for the Apple keyboard Folio since it doesn’t have backlit keys and it doesn’t have a mechanical keyboard and I still really haven’t tried typing on one. It’s either a keyboard folio or the Magic Keyboard but I would need a stand for it (thinking of getting TwelveSouth latest Compass).

If I forgo with the keyboard folio I can type easily without a desk, with a Magic Keyboard I’d definitely need a stable desk in order to use it.

Any thoughts on the set-up and experience if you have the same set-up?

I haven’t ordered the new iPad Pro since it is not yet available in my country and the only available 3rd party keyboard that I can buy here are from Logitech.

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If you don’t type much with it why not hold off on the $199 folio keyboard - or any keyboard - for now? You can always buy it later, and waiting gives time for competitive products to come out and be reviewed.

FYI this is the 2018 12.9 iPad Pro version of the smart case Wirecutter recommended for the basic iPad. $25.

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I really like the Smart Keyboard Folio. It’s considerably more solid and “lappable” than the old Smart Keyboard. I like the feel of typing on it too. It doesn’t hold a candle to a good mechanical switch keyboard, but I think it’s the best keyboard that Apple’s making today. Because it uses the Smart Connector rather than Bluetooth there’s no waiting for it to wake up or needing to remember to charge it.

The biggest benefit is because of the way it attaches it can always be right there when you need it, but when you don’t, it pops right off. No digging a separate keyboard out of your bag and no prying it out of an attached case.


Here is some items I have or have used for the Gen 2 12.9” and the new 12.9”. I was able to connect the Magic Keyboard directly using a usb-c to lighting. If you want no latency from a keyboard. The iPad stand is from Amazon for $39 I think.
[IPad Stand](Viozon ipad Pro Stand, Tablet Stands 360° Rotatable Aluminum Alloy Desktop Mount Stand for Ipad Pro Ipad Air Ipad Mini Surface and Surface Pro

Also, I have used the Twelve South slope. This one may be good for you when drawing.

The Logitech multi device keyboards are great and are backlit.

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I’ll be typing more since I no longer have a MacBook Pro. I write a lot on Ulysses and I’m accustomed to mechanical keyboards. I’d think about holding off on buying a keyboard and wait for some option. Perhaps, wait until I visit HongKong next month since they have official Apple Store.

Is it with the new folio keyboard? I fond the old keyboard easy to detach but I’m not a fan of folio style case since I prefer to use my keyboard without a case.

This is a nice set-up but not as mobile but would be great at home. Been thinking about getting a Parcslope too if budget permits. I had a Logitech multi-device keyboard in the past but the problem with that model is that it’s bulky. The Magic Keyboard seems a good fit.

Yes, the new Smart Keyboard Folio.

thanks, I’ve watched some video and it does detaches easily :slight_smile: