Best Small Developer Apps

I’ll add Play to the list. It’s become my default way to use YouTube.

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Anybox can archive an URL in .webarchive file, PDF or Screenshot and associates it with the bookmark.

It seems that, apart from removing JS, there is no attempt of cleaning or removing formatting other than adding your own CSS, Evernote web clipper clearly wins here (Goodlinks is also better, in my opinion but seems to be a read-it-later type instead of a proper bookmark manager). My approach for archiving web pages is to use MarkDownload as a Safari plugin.

As a beginner who started writing apps, I have a lot of respect to the lone dev doing everything alone - from needing to be technically strong to marketing and supporting the customers. My favourite has to be the type of app that enable users to write better solution on top of it - such as Keyboard Maestros, Alfred, PopClip and to a certain extend, Drafts. These are amazing devs!

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I’m on the verge of going Anybox Pro

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Bartender … Wait scratch that.