Best Small Developer Apps

After listening to one of the last couple episodes I decided to try FoodNoms again after David mentioned it. Now with the AI integration I think it’s the best food tracking app out there. It made me think about what everyone else is using for their everyday apps that are from small time/independent developers.

I am sure this will be a popular answer…… Drafts. A one person show!


Noteplan lone developer constantly iterating and very active on discord +1 for Drafts as well


From a quick glance at my Home Screen:

  • Reeder
  • Mona
  • WaterMinder
  • Due
  • Spring
  • Strides
  • Home+
  • FoodShiner
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Damn I forgot Mailmate, Benny is another very active dev producing a high quality product, plus running an active mailing list alone.


UpNote (replaced Evernote) (replaced Instapaper)

Both are very frequently updated.

Eaglefiler, Notebooks and KeepIt all seem to be from indie developers as well.


I remain amazed at the frequency of updates, in similar fashion to Drafts, that get rolled out in Bookends, by Sonny Software.

I will try and confirm things again — was posted somewhere on their forums before — but has also been offered as a software product for decades now, and is one of the Mac’s oldest continuously developed applications.


This would be a great app for me at my current position. I have a lot of reference material and I suck at organizing it.

I’m a big fan of Matthias Gansrigler work, developer of Yoink, Screenfloat, and Transloader.

I think he’s currently working on the next version of Screenfloat. This is one of my most used app on the Mac alongside Yoink.

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Yoink is probably my most used visible app, after Alfred, now that I think about it.

TE, BTT, Hazel and KM are up there as well, but most of their magic happens in the background, without focus being taken.

Which has then also reminded me to add those to the list:

Hazel by Noodlesoft;
Keyboard Maestro;

All of these essentials, are — to my understanding — the products of very tiny/single person developer “companies”.