Best smartlock 2023?

What smartlock to your entrance door is the one to invest in these days? Preferably with Homekit compatibility.

I have looked at Yale Doorman for a long time, but it’s very expensive (and no Homekit).
I heard David Sparks recommend something in the podcast a while ago, but I forgot what it was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any recommendations?

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I was listening to Stacey Higginbotham’s Internet of things podcast the other day and she mentioned a funny smart lock failure that happened to a fellow smart home reporter .

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Note: my recommendation isn’t HomeKit-compatible, unfortunately. So if that’s an absolute dealbreaker, no need to keep reading.

There might be a way to integrate it with HomeKit via Homebridge; I haven’t looked into that with any seriousness.

I have this model from Eufy. I paid considerably less than Eufy’s asking. Best Buy shows it on clearance and Amazon shows only six in stock, so it may be going away (though there’s no indication of that on Eufy’s site).

There’s also a model with a fingerprint sensor.

What I like:

  • It works with an existing deadbolt. I rent, so there are limits to the modifications I can make to my apartment.
  • It’s really easy to install. Seriously — I spent more time trying to pry the door off the keypad’s battery compartment than I did installing the lock itself.
  • There’s an auto-unlock feature (turned off by default) that will unlock your door for you as you approach. Unfortunately that feature only works with iPhones, but that’s probably not an issue for most in this forum.
  • You can set it so that, once you’ve closed the door, it automatically locks itself after a period of time that you specify.
  • It integrates with Google Assistant and Alexa. I use both Google and HomeKit, so I can still use voice control (though full interoperability via Matter can’t get here soon enough!).

Edited to add, after reading @WayneG’s post: Because it works with the existing deadbolt, it works with your existing keys. So you’re not locked out if the batteries die. :+1:


I bought a Schlage Encode a few months ago, thinking it was the HomeKit version that worked with the Apple Watch. It wasn’t – that’s the Encode PLUS.

It has worked well for the most part, but I’ve had an issue with it jamming on rare occasions. I contacted their support via email and they’ve been helpful. When I took the lock off to investigate it was the latch itself that was “sticking”, not the control box with the deadbolt. I arrived at this conclusion by taking the “smarts” off the door entirely leaving just the latch that wouldn’t budge.

They’re sending me a new latch and they’ve been helpful, but they’re SUPER SLOW. My first email was sent to them at the end of December – the replacement piece just shipped about 4 days ago.

I’ve been happy with it and would recommend, but I’d wait for the HomeKit/Apple Watch Encode Plus if I could do it over again. Living in Canada though, Schlage told me back when I bought the lock that it wouldn’t be available here until sometime in 2023.

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I am using a Nuki 3.0 lock and I am really pleased with it. We don’t get that much choice in the UK as most of our locks are euro cylinder locks.

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Probably going to go with an Yale Assure Lock 2

My interest in the Level Lock is rising because they’re making solid moves like working with Omnia on high end hardware.

I’ve got 2 of the Yale Assure locks with the Wifi module. They’ve worked well and seem to be decent on battery life as well.

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I’ve got a really old school lock with the rubber buttons for digit entry. I was in Home Despot a few weeks ago and they had a demo Assure Lock 2 and I loved the buttons and how easy they were to activate. It feels like a good product and it’s on version 2 so the time is right.

I have two Schage Encode Plus and absolutely love them. Full Homekit compatibility, including Home Key, and they have been rock-solid reliable. The big downside is cost which these days is running about $320. The other downside is that they are hard to get. You have to keep your eye out for availability. Got my first one from Home Depot and my second from Lowe’s.

I have a Yale deadbolt with the August wifi interface. Lock is nice but it burns through batteries way too fast and I only occasionally use the keypad as we normally enter the house through the garage. It doesn’t provide any type of low battery alert which makes the battery problem worse. I do like that it allows use of a key for backup. I wouldn’t get a lock that didn’t have a key.

I could not recommend a smart lock for the US, but I would recommend to having a look onto the YT Channel of the lockpickinglawyer

as he also frequently is handling smart locks.
I would also recommend to use a system, where the key lock is bought separate from the smart lock, so you could switch the key lock if necessary, without the need to buy a whole new smart lock.

Obsessing about residential security is a rabbit hole.

I could pay ADT 70 dollars a month for an annoying house alarm system with a couple of cameras or my home insurance would gladly take half that amount and bump me to their best coverage on my items.

I know regardless of the lock I buy without hardening my front door it’ll open with about 5 kicks from an average sized man.

I almost bought the Schlage Encode but I noticed that Build/Ferguson didn’t have the Encode Plus with the full kit and I need to replace the entire handle set for the exterior door.

I admit i’m attracted to the clean looks of the Level Lock Plus. I’m not even sure if I need a keypad.

We could of course discuss the value of a more or less expensive door lock, BUT to have a surveillance system, that keeps a record if someone broke into your house, is the best spent money you could have, beside the insurance.
I attended a course as a Locksmith right before Covid, and I can assure you, that an experienced person could enter, and leave, your house without leaving any obvious traces!
So if you came home, and your TV and expensive camera is gone, but your door and windows are all OK, you run into a serious problem in getting any money from your paid insurance company!
And this happens very often…!

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Oh I’m totally for perimeter cams. We had neighbors capture a team of robbers rifling through unlocked cars (mine was one of them). Luckily I don’t keep valuables in my car but some people lost wallets and other items. I’ll eventually get some cams up to cover the front door and site-lines of the home.

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I have the August Wifi Smart lock and love it. It’s not the prettiest, but it works with your existing deadbolt, is pretty powerful in locking itself, and you can always use your regular key to get in.

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