Best Source to Sell a MacBook Pro

Gazelle seems to be out of the computer purchase business, what are other good sources to sell used Macs?

Apple store. Maybe not the best price, but surely the easiest way. :rofl:

With Gazelle neutered, and with the only Apple products in Amazon’s Trade In program currently accepted being iPhones, I’d consider reselling to Apple, or selling directly on Craigslist. (With the buyer scams infesting eBay, and eBay’s habit of taking the buyers’ word and withdrawing funds from sellers, I’d be very wary of selling electronics there right now.) Over the years I’ve sold back a few things to Apple (most recently my 6s Plus last year). I’ve also bought/sold music and photography gear through Craigslist, meeting at some mutually convenient, safe Starbucks to examine merch and complete deals. Craigslist will get you the most money (in cash, please), but Apple makes it a simple, seamless experience.

There are many small sites that do the Gazelle thing, but they’re of unknown or dubious reputation. You could try, but I’m not necessarily recommending them.

I almost forgot: BestBuy has a trade-in program that pays in BB credit.

I’ve corresponded with powermax before - - the price they offered was good but I ended up putting an SSD in the machine instead.

I have my old computer listed on eBay but I’ll see what I can get from Apple. Is there a link to finding out the trade in value on the Apple site?

Before selling my MacBook Pro back to Apple (though they are using a third party for fulfillment), I checked one local place, and the Apple (store credit) offer was better.

Just start as if you are buying a new mac. At the top of the store page should be a link to add a trade-in.

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Thanks. Unfortunately I have my old computer boxed up to ship and can’t get the serial number. I tried looking it up online but haven’t been able to find it. It’s a 2010 White Unibody MacBook.

We’ve sold things on Nextdoor with good success. It is neighborhood-centric, and I would think would be safer than Craig’s list, eBay, etc.

I have liked, which is a division of Macofalltrades. Sold them 3 iMacs and price received was higher than what I saw on other sites.

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