Best task management app for sharing task with spouse?

Starting this year the wife and I are attempting to get more organized in our schedules. Both being super busy and parents of twins, life is hectic to say the least. She has agreed to try using a shared task manager experience to help us. Many do not have this type of sharing feature as they’re built for personal task management. Currently we share a Reminders list for groceries and I use 2Do for my work/personal task.

Does anyone have any suggestions on task apps that can have personal and shared spaces? Preferably ones that have Mac, iOS, and iPadOS apps.

I don’t have experience with either, but two very popular options are todoist and trello

You may want to take a look at TickTick

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I’ve downloaded it but do not see the ability to share certain list with others. Thoughts?

Todoist, my task manager, does sharing but not at the free tier, I think. For me the major downside to TickTick is the inability to have subfolders (and subfolders inside subfolders).

My favorite list-making & sharing and groceries app is Anylist. It’s Mac/web/iOS, has a free tier, and you can sharecollaborate with the Family plan ($14.99/month, or $9.99/month for single user)

Google Keep is free and offers free sharing of notes, lists and drawings.

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I use Todoist to both share projects with my partner and manage my personal projects.

I’ve stuck with it for years for these reasons.

Fairly sure Todoist can share projects on the free tier.

There are other limitations on the free version. You can’t add comments or labels, etc. You need the Premium subscription on a least one account too add these.

How about the Reminders app for everything and not only shopping list? I believe having a shared Reminders and Calendar can give you all organizational features you are looking for.


My wife and I use shared reminders lists in the reminders app.
I use OmniFocus for everything else myself.

Using the default app is easiest for her, and has no learning curve whatsoever. We’ve now included our children in some of the shared lists, and coordinate our appointments through a shared family calendar. I would agree with what @mina says: it should give you everything you need.


Microsoft To-do lets you share lists, has smart lists, and lets you assign tasks to others in the shared section if you’re looking for that sort of thing. If you use an exchange email, any flagged email automatically appears in a smart to-do list. (I don’t think that works in non-exchange email.)

It’s fully cross platform and has native apps on all the apple platforms.

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And Microsoft has been iterating on the app pretty quickly, and nicely. The multi-pane Mac app - with dark mode option, tags/tag browser, repeating tasks and more - is particularly nice now. And the app us fast, and so is sync. I could definitely see this as a replacement for Reminders for some people.

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I use Reminders for this purpose.

The iOS 13 update makes it a much more complete task manager, and it’s intuitive and easy to use. Unless you have a specific reason, sticking with what you both know can’t hurt.

Try Basecamp Personal. You won’t be able to have hidden private tasks, but you can assign stuff to yourself. It’s limited to three projects, so it’ll work if you divide granularity but not if you want to have something going for every room in the house, etc.

This should help…

It depends on your needs. If you are in need of a simple task list then the Reminders app should be sufficient. The problem with Reminders is if you find that you need start dates and not just deadlines. But, if you don’t need that, then it should be all you need.

It might be overkill, but depending on your needs, you should look at Basecamp Personal.