Best Tax Prep software for Mac (US)?

I’ve been using TurboTax for years but it seems to get worse each year. One year it replaced the name of everyone in my contacts with the word Bitz. Luckily I had a backup. Turbotax also can’t access the keychain for passwords, credit card numbers, etc etc etc.

Whta do other people use?

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In various ratings TurboTax always comes out on top. However I use H&R Block software. It’s occasionally cumbersome if you have something that is tricky, however I’ve used it for years and have never been audited, so it must be doing something right.

I don’t like Intuit (the company) so avoid them as much as possible. On a slightly different subject, Quicken for Mac has improved greatly and continues to improve, thanks to Intuit spinning them off as a separate company.


I have used the download and install version of TurboTax for decades. My brother likes the online version of same. I’ve never been fond of TurboTax but I dislike doing my taxes under the best of circumstances, which probably colors my feelings. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think there are any good individual tax prep options that store data locally, run on macOS and are reasonably priced. I recommend FreeTaxUSA unless you need to report tricky partnership income or you’re an expat. They store your tax data securely and don’t sell/license it.


My taxes are moderately complex and H&R Block’s software has always worked well for me, also.

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I used to use TurboTax many years ago but got mad at Intuit and switched to H&R Block. It’s been acceptable for quite a few years.