Best Text Expander App for iPad Pro?

I use Alfred’s PowerPack to store snippets for text expansion. I am not in any business and am looking for a personal non-subscription-based iPad iOS App.

I have read about TypeIt4Me Touch, but the reviews are mixed. I also don’t need a monthly subscription for Text Expander.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Apple text snippets?

On iOS, I use Apple’s text expansion. Alfred and Apple’s text expansion are in sync, so things work great for me on both platform!!

I always add text expansion to Apple’s expansion, then trigger a sync via Alfred, takes a sec. One could write a cron or file watcher and sync them every time they change, but I didn’t bother to do that as I don’t add snippets very often.

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That’s clever !! I had the same need and I hate using other keyboard like Textexpander in IOS

And does built-in text expansion do “fill in the blanks”? Either on Mac OS or iPad OS / iOS?

Only thing that really works: built in text expansion
Very basic, but works

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