Best Tool for Dynamic Photo Directory?

Howdy Folks,

I’ve been tasked with creating a personnel directory for our organization (ballpark < 100 people, but high turnover due to a large number of limited contracts that come and go) that would include the employee’s name, email address, phone number(s), title, and a photograph.

In scheming around how to do this, it seems like a fairly easy task to do this once in a variety of tools, from the complex (InDesign) to the simple (Word, Pages, Excel), and then publish to PDF to provide print versions as well as an online guide.

The challenge, however, is given the high rate of turnover and contractor support, I’d like to develop something that is relatively straightforward as far as inserting new employees and deleting employees who have left the organization, without the headache of significant reformatting with every change.

Any thoughts or tools jump out at you as excellent choices for diving into this mini-project? Hoping to keep it as simple, quick, and easy as possible while still having a professional result. We are an IT organization, so placing the desired product on the internal network will be easy… just creating the content/PDF (and keeping it updated) that I want to streamline.

Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!

I believe that most Directory Services will do their out of the box. E.g. Microsoft Azure Active Directory, I’m not sure about Google.

Also a lot of SaaS HR programmes also do this as standard.

It may be worth checking these before building something.

Sounds like a job for AirTable - and no need to circulate a PDF, and for your users, to be sure they’re using the latest, get rid of the old ones, etc.

Thanks for the feedback and ideas!