Best translation app for iOS?


I’m a teacher and have a parent who speaks Spanish. Is there something better then Google translate? I find often it’s not very understanding of what this parent types via email.

Best alternative free translator I’ve used has been Microsoft’s

I’ve heard good things about Speak & Translate, but (a) at $19.99 it’s expensive, and (b) it hasn’t been updated in a year.

Google translate is awful, I often receive emails written using it and they make no sense. I use iTranslate, which I think uses the Bing engine. It has a much better interface than the alternatives. I find the translations better than Google. Some of the features require a subscription though.

I also use the Ultralingua Collins Spanish dictionary which is excellent, with lots of examples. I find this more useful and accurate than any automatic translation service and use it more than anything else when reading and writing Spanish.

Thanks all, I will give those a try. Much appreciated!

Does anybody know a translator app that has a widget? I would love to just swipe left for quickly translating something but somehow apps like Google/MS translator or Linguee don’t have a widget (why?). Any recommendations? Thank you!

Look for an app/widget that uses Google’s translation engine, like this one

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