Best way of populating Trello from Excel

I want to populate a Trello board with items from an excel spreadsheet. I know that I can create new cards from a list, but really want to import data from different columns into specific Trello card fields.

I can’t use Zapier and some other cloud based apps for work security reasons. Do any of these options make sense?

  1. Buy keyboard maestro and record a macro that is a series of copy and pastes? Not used keyboard Maestro before…

  2. Use Automator? Not really used that before either.

Any thoughts.


Keyboard Maestro (or AHK on Windows) would definitely do it. There’s a free trial.

Thanks. Think I will download and try KM over the weekend then

How about using Shortcuts? It has great Trello support.

Hadn’t thought of shortcuts, but to be honest I think doing it on the iPhone may be too awkward

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I have made a bit of progress with this, but as Trello doesn’t seem to have robust menu bar support or standard mac dialogues, it is making the process a little hit and miss.

However, I have realised just how powerful Keyboard Maestro can be!