Best way to get notified about changes to a website?

I’m interested to learn how to get notifications about when a website changes. What is the best and fastest way to get these notifications?

Have a look into Pingdom
Personally I haven’t used it for something like this, but I think their service can be used for your kind of notifications.

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Thanks. I thought maybe IFTTT was the way to go. But I can’t make it work really. I will look at Pingdom

I have found a free one that works well for me (, I use it to monitor releases for apple software. So I know when the latest IOS update comes out etc (

I also have a browser plugin called which I use to monitor apple pay banks (, this has a bit more info behind it and I find it great for sites I need to track changes with, seems the free version is just browser based (so only sends alerts when you have it open).

Hope that helps. For me I don’t need to pay for any of this stuff.

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Is this available for iPad as well?

These are all cloud based, so does not matter what device you are on. Distill I know you can do via web as well (does not have to be via a plugin).

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I can’t figure out how to use Distill exclusively on iOS or iPadOS. Can anyone help out or suggest another service?

Did you get (or request) an invite from the developer for the iOS app?

I have to be a subscriber for that

Ho @andreasl , I was not aware you needed something that only works on iPad. What website are you trying to track? Attempting to understand your needs so I can help you?

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Thanks! It’s this website

I was able to use visualping on an iPad successfully. Change the option below from visual compare to web compare and then select the gigs (you might have to fiddle to get it to select the right web part). That should get you what you want? Then it will email you when there is a change. I took some videos that might help, sent via PM.

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