Best Way to Hang My Focused Calendar

So I have two fresh new Focused Calendars in my life, but I have always ordered the dry erase in the past, and this new paper format has me wondering about the best way to mount / write on it.

Some questions:

  1. How do you all mount this beauty? Thumbtack into the drywall? Velcro? I saw that the sales photo had some clips and wires coming down from the top so that got me intrigued.

  2. The dry erase was easy to write on a traditional textured office wall because it was thick enough to not feel the bumps of the texture, but this paper version I am not so sure. Anyone put some poster board or anything behind it to make it easier to write directly on?

Any other tips or ideas? I am really excited to use this calendar and am so thankful that @mikeschmitz and @MacSparky created it!


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I have some fine tip dry erase markers that I use to write it on it. The write great IMHO, they just don’t erase (which I’ve found over the years isn’t that big a deal to me).

To hang it, I use these:

You can also get these on Amazon, and they’re great. You peel one side and stick it on the object, then peel the other and stick it on the wall. I even used these to hang acoustic foam in my office :slight_smile:


Awesome @mikeschmitz! Thanks. What pens do you use?

I’m pretty sure they’re these, but they don’t look exactly the same:

@mikeschmitz Bro, thank you!! So helpful. I had no idea there were Dry Erase for paper, not just whiteboards. I am excited to get my calendars rocking for next year.

Well, I don’t know if they are technically for paper, but they work :slight_smile: Sharpies would probably work great too

There is clearly a paper calendar in the product example! That is enough confirmation for me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got some Staedtler Lumocolor correctable pens with a Nuboard book which write pretty well, but lose correct ability, on regular paper.

How about foamcore behind, and plexiglass on the front?
You could also put it in a poster frame and write on the plexi.

I would be sure pens don’t bleed through to the walls, if you’re mounting it directly on the wall, writing on the paper.

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This is pretty genius!

FWIW I was concerned at first about bleed through the paper, but nothing I did ever came close to leaving a mark on the wall.

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