Best way to move to a new account on the same Mac

For weeks I’ve had an intermittent problem with my Wacom tablet, and after following all their support desk’s suggestions (multiple times), I’ve decided to move to a new account. As part of my diagnosis, I had created an account, named “Wacom,” installed the software for it and worked several days, using the pen without incident. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’s something wonky in my account.

I’ve Googled for a half hour and found only one article that talked about this. Everything else is about moving to a new Mac. And the one I found only offered moving my 284 GB /Documents folder via the ~/Public/Drop Box folder, then using the Info box to fix the permissions (!), OR using iCloud to move everything. There must be a better way.

I can see and run all the apps from the Wacom account, and I plan to rebuild all the app preferences and System Preferences from scratch. Other things, like Keyboard Maestro macros, Photoshop presets and actions, I’ll copy a bit at a time and test.

Any ideas, friends? There must be a thorough checklist somewhere…


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