Best Way to Post to Facebook WITHOUT Going to Facebook

I am so tired of Facebook, but there are just some things I need it for. Alas, I hate it.

I loved the old days when I could post to Facebook from Drafts and never have to visit it, but those days are gone due to Facebook’s “we want your eyeballs on our site so you can see all of our invasive ads we’ve curated for you” policy.

So, I turn to the MPU braintrust: Is there a way to publish to Facebook without visiting there?

Buffer is definitely an option, but I wanted to know if there was any other options. Thanks!

Is this for your personal account or a Facebook page?

That would be preferred. Buffer allows you to post to a page, but I would love the ability to share to my Personal profile as well.

Facebook officially blocked using third party apps to post to personal profiles. I think that was in mid-2018. Very inconvenient for me personally; I used third party apps almost exclusively to post to my Facebook profile.

After that, you could use a WordPress plugin called SNAP (pretty sure that stands for Social Networks Auto Poster) to get around the blockade. I did for a while but eventually decided it was more trouble than it’s worth and dangerous too — might get me banned.

So, short answer is: As far as I know, it’s just not possible to use third-party apps to post to personal profiles. You can still use them for groups and pages. HootSuite and Buffer are two popular choices.

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I am a member of 1 community group. I have no friends on facebook. My solution is to use Firefox with the facebook blocker extension. I only post using Firefox, and only use Firefox for facebook.

Just curious - what are “some things I need it for”?

Please understand - I’m not trying to be snarky or disrespectful. As a non-Facebook user, I would simply like to know what features of Facebook exist that attract (or compel) people to use it, despite their distaste for it. Required for work? Pressure from family or friends?

This isn’t a useful answer, but… my wife isn’t bothered by Facebook, so she posts / reads on my behalf and passes on things that she thinks I might want to know :slight_smile:

Of course I’m not saying that you should go out and get married just for indirect access to Facebook, but if you’re already married, it might work :upside_down_face:


I actually met my wife on FaceBook. I consequently had some affection for it. What Facebook became… both of us have now deleted our accounts. I appreciate some folk are sort of obliged to spend some time there… I have no solution to that problem nor am I in any position to find work arounds now.

I try to build networks or whatever outside it for now. Slow and dispiriting process all round. This kind of site helps though.

Important update to my earlier post: Facebook blocked third apps from posting to personal profiles. You can still use them to post to pages and groups.

But SNAP worked on profile posts, when I used it, which was possibly a year or more ago.

Yes - I use Hootsuite to post simultaneously to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a community page. This works well. The free tier easily covers what I need and allows for post scheduling.


I have to agree, after getting Buffer all set up, I checked out HootSuite and it is exactly what I need. What a great tool! Thanks for the tip!

Jut ditch it. You know you want to.

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