Best way to sell / find value of used iPad ...?

Trying to sell my 2018 11" iPad Pro (256 GB, cellular) / Smart Keyboard Folio / Pencil, and trying to figure out what it’s worth.

Apple will give me about $450, but the keyboard / pencil would have to be sold separately to a third party in that scenario.

Glyde is where I frequently look for cell phone values, but they don’t do iPads. Gazelle is saying $286, which is worse than Apple.

I’m hoping to get enough to purchase a 256 GB iPad Mini 5, and possibly a Crayon to go with it. Selling as a unit on Craigslist (iPad + keyboard + pencil) would be ideal, but I need some idea of how to price it.

Any advice?

Can look at closed listings on eBay, and you may be able to find the whole kit and caboodle (iPad, keyboard, pencil).

Also can look for what Gazelle or amazon sell used iPads for and price it in between what Apple will give you and what someone would have to pay for a used one.

Apple quoted me $580 for a 256 GB wifi 2020 iPad Pro 12.9", which seems like painfully too little. Then I compared it against the pain of my previous Craigslist’s interactions and it seems like a bargain now.

12.9" or 11" ?

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I always use the eBay “Sold” items to find realistic prices. Asking prices can often be ridiculous.

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I get where you’re coming from.

This is just a thing where I either have to sell it for enough to get a 256 GB Mini 5 and either a Pencil or Crayon, or I have to keep what I have.

There are a number of reasons the Mini will be massively better for my use case, but I can’t swing a second device and it would be silly to go from “I own an iPad” to “I don’t own an iPad” when my use cases benefit from having one.

You can also check with a site like

I have frequently found they offered me more than the Apple trade in.

With most of these resale vendors the keyboard and pencil are not going to be part of the sale, and you could list those separately on eBay.

I use sidecar to use mine as an extra monitor for my Mac mini m1.

I sit it in front of my big big big monitor, on an old laptop stand.

I’ve put my USB webcam on top of it and when I zoom I pull the zoom window down onto the sidecar / ipad screen. It’s the best night for the webcam, and I have a devoted screen with my zoom companions’ faces right in front of me. When I look at them I’m looking right at the webcam.

I’m delighted with this setup.

I’ve used SYM twice now. Smooth transaction both times. If you hold off on sending your item in for a week or so they will send you a reminder email and it has included, both times for me, a bump in the offer.

Head to closed auctions or Buy It Nows on EBay. They’ll give you a real good idea!