Best way to send MP3/Audiobooks to Apple Watch?

Does anyone know what is the best app / method to send MP3, audiobook, podcast to Apple Watch so that I can go out without carrying the Iphone? I tried Audible but sending to watch is sooo… slow and unreliable

I’ve used Overcast’s web uploader for this before.

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thanks @ismh , Can overcast also handle audiobooks in non DRM MP3 format?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Yup. Sure can.            

I use audiobooks (orange icon) which seemingly is the app that came with the watch. Right now I have a grand total of two which I suppose I could change the one that’s selected. I’m not sure how I did it. I believe there is a limit on how many audiobooks can be stored on the watch with this app. It mentions 5 hours.

In the watch app on the iPhone it says “add audiobook” so I did. I bought the audiobooks in the Books store.

I have another Audiobooks app too. Same name. There’s one public domain Mark Twain book in there.

The latest Mac Power Users is right there in the Podcasts app. Overcast is giving me a selection.

thank you all for the suggestions

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