Best way to store misc. card on the iPhone ...?

I have half a dozen cards in my wallet that I feel like I should be able to store digitally. A AAA membership, a few insurance cards, etc. I don’t need most of them on a regular basis, but I don’t want to be without them either.

I’d prefer to not just take photos and leave them on my camera roll.

Looking at my iPhone, Apple has their Wallet app - but that seems to be restricted to a few categories of well-defined data.

I suppose I could take photos and toss them into 1Password, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way (or an “intended way”) for me to handle this.


Well, I have no way of saying (or declaring as the guru of such thing :wink:) the “intended” way.

Me … I keep such things in their source form in my top middle desk drawer.

Electronic copies (scanned with ScannerPro) are in 1Password and DEVONthink ToGo. I tend to use the latter when out and about and need one of 'em.

Things that I need in my wallet (loyalty cards that have to be stamped with an ink stamper, used to swipe access, or convince a train ticket checker I’m really old enough for that senior discount card), remain in the wallet.

I use 1PW for copies of my drivers license and passport, but use the Books app for other PDFs. Put your cards in their own collection for easy access.

For non-sensitive cards I use an app called Stocard. It basically takes a barcode and stores it in the app. So for each supermarket reward card they are all in there.

For secure things I use 1Password (although am in the process of reviewing Bitwarden). That is more of the “I need the info” e.g. National Insurance number than “I need to scan this at the checkout e.g. IKEA family card.

This is a crucial missing piece - thanks! Having random photos isn’t nearly as nice as photos from ScannerPro where it can auto-rotate/deskew/etc. and produce a nice picture of just the card.

Did you just open your passport flat and take a picture of the main page?

Yeah, those are going to still live somewhere in my wallet/phone case. This is mostly for stuff like AAA cards, insurance cards, and other “I need to show this to somebody” sorts of things.

Lots of great info - thanks everybody!

Yes, with the help of two tiny pieces of gaffer tape on the back.:grinning:

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I’ve found Pass2U Wallet to be good for this

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I also like Pass2U Wallet.

There are rumours that Apple might announce an enhanced wallet app at WWDC.

AAA and my auto insurance company both have apps that can save cards to wallet. For store cards, I use Stocard.

I use Stocard for all my rewards cards. When in a store I show the code on my Watch. Works with self serve checkouts. For most everything else like my Medicare and insurance cards, drivers licenses, etc I keep in 1Password.

Stocard and Barcodes for me, the latter being handy for things that are not bank or loyalty cards, like library cards, gym cards, my oxfam gift card, etc, all of which have barcodes on them.