Best way to watch Field Guide videos on iPad?

I just ‘enrolled’ in David’s Productivity Field Guide. I’m excited to dig in but I’m about to go on a trip. I have a macbook, but I’d like to use my iPad mini to go through this field guide. I added the epub to Books, and that works well enough, but I’d like a nice way to go through the video content on it as well. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best way to do this? Thanks!

you can download all of the videos on your mac, add them to your iPad, and watch them with VLC…

The earlier version of Teachable iOS and iPad OS provided the option to download videos for offline use. Now the new version has that options taken out.

I’m also in the same boat.would love to have it downloadable in iOS direct

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Are you using their app? They can still be downloaded on a Mac with a web browser. Just do it that way, then add them to your preferred video player on your crippled iOS/iPadOS device. :smiley: