Beta interruptus

I’ve pulled out of the iOS and iPadOS betas.

The new capabilities, while worthwhile, aren’t worth the instability.

In particular, on the iPhone, with the current beta, the phone connectivity to my Airpods Pro is flaky. And the camera doesn’t work.

The iPad beta is better. But I may end up using my iPad as the primary Zoom video hub for La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club meetings, and I don’t want to mess with beta for that. Not when 70-100 people are depending on me for a reliable Zoom call.

I’ll gladly upgrade to the new versions of the operating systems as soon as they are available. Or maybe the golden masters next month. But not now.

Pulling out of the betas is an odd process. If I’d been careful I would have made a backup of the old pre-beta installation – but who has time for that? When I installed the betas, I just pulled the rip cord and jumped. So instead of just downgrading the software cleanly, I uninstalled the beta software profile and now I wait until the next software update for my iPhone and iPad to be restored to their Version 13 glories.


Wow - I’ve had no problems with AirPods Pro and ipad OS 14, nor any others worth mentioning. Zoom has been fine. But I haven’t tried upgrading my phone yet…


Connecting my AirPods was a little flaky this morning. And one side of the AirPods Pro that I had didn’t connect once.
My camera (11Pro) works fine, but there are some odd pieces of the (moving) image in the background of the camera interface.

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Hmm. I’ve never had the need to downgrade from an iOS beta so I don’t have experience with the process, but… I don’t think you can downgrade to iOS 13 by simply removing the iOS 14 beta profile and wait for the next update. I believe after removing the profile, you would need to restore the device to the previous stable version of iOS, and then restore from a backup made while running that OS. But maybe I am misunderstanding you? See here for more insight.

Thanks, Richard_M! The way I’m reading that link is that when an update to iOS 13 is available, now that I no longer have the beta profile installed, the update will overwrite my iOS 14 beta with the new version of iOS 13.

I could be wrong. We’ll find out!

And I wouldn’t say I have a need to downgrade. I’m just getting impatient this year and valuing stability over the new features.

In other news, the camera on my 10.5” iPad Pro doesn’t work.

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I think that verbiage refers to when a new version of iOS becomes available within the same major version, say from 14 beta to 14 general release. Given that you don’t have a local iOS 13 backup to restore from, and that iCloud backups (if present) have all been overwritten by iOS 14, you may need to stick with 14 for the time being. It may be a good idea to reinstall the beta profile and let future releases (hopefully) improve on both performance and stability.

In any case, it’s good that you’re not in a major rush to downgrade!

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Interesting. Aligns with other instructions I’ve read, particularly Apple’s own on its support pages.

One “if all else fails” options would be to reset the phone as new and reinstall everything from the cloud.

Problems with that approach:

Obviously, it would take time (although maybe not a LOT of time as it just takes a few minutes to reset and after that everything downloads in background while I do other things).

Of more concern: I might lose data that way, due to incompatible OS versions. That probably wouldn’t be a problem – but probably isn’t good enough.

Worst-case scenario, I just re-enroll in the beta and stay with it until the end. I can live with that.

You can do a backup before downgrading to help insure against data loss.

You can download a signed version of ios13 at I believe I used a download from there a while back to downgrade and get out of a jam.

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