Beta to Stable - What happens now?

When the public release of iOS 17 / Sonoma hits in the next month, I hope to switch back over to the public release. Is it a matter of simply turning off the Beta now and letting it update itself to the stable public release? Or do I need to back up manually some data, wipe and reinstall from scratch?

Yes, you just switch betas off.

If it happens (as it sometimes has) that the first public release of iOS 17 is the same as the last beta (Release Candidate) that you already have installed at that point, then you will not get that one, but the next non-beta one (17.0.1 or whatever it will be).


So I’ve been running the iPadOS betas and since installing the release candidate version I’ve found that my battery is losing charge even whilst plugged in. Anyone else noticing that? Is it one of these ‘behind the scenes’ optimization that’s going on, and normal service will be returned in a couple of days? When I look to see what apps have been consuming power I’m seeing things like X and Siri - which seem strange apps to be using power when the iPad isn’t being used.

I think I might just have been the charging cable - I moved things around and was using a cable that has been ‘temperamental’ - but since I ‘be switched out to a new one everything has been good.

Nearest Apple Store is a 3 hr drive away so the Genius Bar isn’t really an option for me :worried: