Better dictation with noise canceling microphone?

I like dictating notes in the car, but the background noise makes the results worse. I used to use a headset that places the microphone in front of my mouth („callcenter style“) and that helped. But now I have an audiojack-less iPhone.
Any experiences with bluetooth headsets for dictation, especially those that claim to have noise canceling microphones? And especially for use in the car?
There seem to be very cheap ones (around 30$/€) and very expensive ones (150$ and above). I wonder if there is a decent middle tier.

Nobody? I would love to know if it makes a difference if I use just a standard headset or a more expensive one.

I have used the BlueParrot vxi 450 for a couple of years. It’s built for truckers, and is one of the best tech investments I’ve made. Go for it and don’t look back.

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In what situations are you using it? Interesting device…

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Do you happen to have an Apple Watch? I used to struggle with this too, but now use “Just Press Record” app on my watch while I drive – it picks up my voice up very well when driving.

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Meanwhile a got a decent one by Mpow. It works fine with Just Press Record.

I use it for phone calls and all sorts of Siri-based tasks in the car.

In particular, when I take long drives, I will often play a podcast or class recording through the headset, and when I want to take a note on the podcast, I’ll interrupt the podcast with “Hey Siri, create a new note in Drafts.” Siri will ask me for the text of the note, read me the note, and then return automatically to playing the podcast or class, all without my taking my hands off the wheel.

And now that Drafts is on the desktop too, all my notes will be there when I get back to my office. I consider that a miracle of hands-free progress.