Better Read It Later app than Pocket?

Better Read It Later app than Pocket?

I have been a Pocket user since maybe 2011 when It was called ReadItLater. Love the idea of saving articles for later and archiving them for off line reading. I am pretty good about tagging articles thanks to the Alfred workflow. I really just use Alfred to save articles / twitter threads that I want to read later I rarely care about old archived articles.

My only issue with the app is the macOS app is awful for bulk management and the web version is not much better. Trying to prune and trim the articles is very cumbersome and time consuming. I don’t know the development cycle or status of pocket but I would think bulk tagging, deleting & sorting would be more apparent.

Is there a better ReadItLater service now in 2022? I see a lot of people in the Alfred workflow board talk about Raindrop.IO but that seems more like a bookmark management flow than archiving.

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Readwise is good, and the Reader app is in beta.
Pinboard works well too.

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agreed with @JohnAtl , the other options are Matter, or Upnext or Omnivore and

I’ve been using Reading List in Safari (lame, I know), but I’m contemplating Obsidian and I don’t know how well those two will play together.

Readwise Reader is great for bulk management.

I’ve enjoyed Goodlinks.

I use Instapaper (as a service) and Reeder (as the client, on iOS and macOS).

I do this because I enjoy reading in Reeder; I don’t need bulk management…

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I was first a Instapaper user. I really liked Instapaper, but when they couldn’t comply with the then-new EU privacy regulations (“GDPR”) I left them (it’s really crappy to cut off basically a continent from your app, and especially crappy when that reason is data harvesting, something you shouldn’t have been doing in your reading app anyway).

I switched to Pocket then, who IIRC didn’t even have to change their policies for GDPR since they weren’t misusing private data anyway. It’s fine as a “save links to read later” system but like you I find it’s “management” facilities a little underwhelming. (To be fair I could probably have tagged a lot more, but it’s just more work :roll_eyes:)

In the last month I’ve switched to Readwise’s beta of Reader, their new reading app. That has tagging too, which I am once again ignoring, but actually the lack of sorting to me feels less overwhelming than it did in Pocket. I like that it separates items you’ve added recently from older stuff (called “inbox” and “later”) so you aren’t confronted with a giant list of articles you’ve failed to read when you open the app).

It’s also game-changing that you can save other stuff in there - it handles a lot including PDFs. I haven’t used that yet, but I’ve started forwarding newsletters to it so I don’t have them cluttering up my inbox. That is soooo good!

Also, I know it sounds ridiculous (I was very cynical!), but the listen function is great! I have some articles that are estimated reading times of over 30 mins. I figured I’d give the function a go since it’s there, and put a long-form article on to listen to while cooking. It’s really good! I wouldn’t do it for something I wanted to focus on, but they point out it’s really for “high volume low value” articles that you want to read but don’t expect to get much out of, and it’s great for that. I am finally starting to clear that backlog of articles that seem interesting but are very low priority so never get looked at! I have set up filters (called “views” in Reader) to identify articles with a long reading time, and I also created a tag for ones I think will be good for audio while I’m doing other things. Game changer.

Some of this will just be “shiny new app syndrome”, but I feel I’m clearing articles I save a lot quicker now with Reader than I did with Pocket. It helps that emails are now in the same app so I don’t have to hesitate over whether to open Pocket or open email to catch up with newsletters. Being able to highlight stuff and quickly export it wasn’t a major priority for me, but it also made that bit of my life easier. I can highlight an article, export the highlights as markdown, and the job’s done!

I am going to keep Pocket. I don’t want to save in Reader websites that I’m saving that I just want to look at (as opposed to read) - I did both in Pocket. My plan now is to use Pocket just to save websites I want to explore in more detail, and use Reader for specific pages and emails I want to read.

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I forgot to mention but @rob has reminded me, I use Reeder for collecting my hundreds of RSS feeds. Reader (the Readwise app - it’s confusing having too very similarly named apps!) can collate RSS feeds too if you want everything all together, but Reeder is such a great app for RSS and I have no plans to leave it. It’s very customisable - in particular I use folders heavily to sort my RSS feeds by topic, I have it set to sort oldest content first, and Reeder doesn’t delete old RSS content after a period of time (Feedly does and if you’re slow to catch up with your feeds you lose stuff! SO IRRITATING!).

Reeder is what Google Reader (RIP) should have been! I’ve used Reeder since before Google killed their app, and I love it still!

I mostly read RSS directly in Reeder, but if it’s a juicy article or I don’t have time to do more than skim, I push the article to my read it later service (I’ve used Reeder throughout the lifecycle of the read it later apps I’ve used and it plays nicely with Instapaper, Pocket and now Reader).

If you’re wondering why I don’t move RSS to Reader, I think that’s a way to introduce chaos. Reader does manage feeds separately from the inbox so have tried to anticipate the chaos, but I can see it quickly becoming a headache. I don’t want to read every single article that comes from the RSS feeds I follow, and I therefore do not want them inside my read it later app. The count on Reeder on my iPad currently says I have over 2600 unread posts. I don’t want that nightmare in Reader :joy:

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Appericate the deatiled write up. The idea of having it read out loud is fantastic as I am a huge audiobook consumer. Sounds like something I should def check out. Thank you!

To be fair, even if you aren’t misusing/harvesting data, there are very real costs to being GDPR compliant. For some companies (in particular, small ones), the revenue they make from Europe doesn’t justify the costs of maintaining that compliance. When the penalty for a slip-up is such that it could completely end the company, it comes down to math and risk/cost vs. reward.

I know of a consultant who sells recorded training classes and when GDPR went into effect, he stopped selling to Europe. He was completely up-front about it - less than X% of his revenue came from Europe, and it would cost more than X% of his revenue to become GDPR-compliant. It was a business decision, nothing more. It’s likely that Instapaper did the same math, with similar parameters. This consultant has since migrated to a sales & delivery SAAS platform that handles the GDPR stuff for him, which made compliance reasonable and after 4 years, he returned to selling to Europe.

Instapaper :clap:! I’ve tried all the newbies. Instapaper is still the best.