Better Touch Tool Drag not releasing selected object

No response after a couple of days on the BTT forum, so I thought I’d ask here…

Problem: When I force-click the bottom of an event in BusyCal with my Magic Trackpad, then drag up or down to change the event’s duration, when I raise my finger to “release” the drag, then touch the pad to move the cursor elsewhere, the entire event suddenly jumps up or down. It’s like I’m still force-clicking on the pad, so it remains in the dragging mode.

However, this doesn’t happen with the Mac’s Calendar app. But it does happen when I try use the Mac’s color picker to select one of the crayons. I click one and it stands up to show it’s selected, but when I move the cursor other crayons stand up, like I’m still force-clicking the pad.

If I quit BTT, dragging works fine. When I restart it, it’s fine until the first time I use my 2-finger double tap to start mouse drag. From then on, until I restart BTT, the drag stops releasing, like I’m continually force-clicking.

Any idea what might be causing this?


Is there Trackpad triggers currently active for “All Apps” or “BusyCal”?

I will try to reproduce on my side when I get to my mac.

I tried reproducing your issue, but it doesn’t happen in my side (dragging the bottom starts at 0:12):

(excuse me for uploading video to imgur, don’t know the best practice for Discourse)

in the video above, I tried both normal click and force-click (pressing the trackpad ‘twice’), tho I use built-in MacBook Trackpad, not Magic Trackpad.

It occurred to me that when you force-click to grab an item to begin dragging, releasing the force-click sends another signal to release the item. With my double-two-finger-tap gesture to grab the item, I’m not sending a signal to release. The only way I can think of to do that is to have a “stop drag” action that runs about .5 seconds after I stop moving the mouse, which would indicate the drag is complete. However, I don’t see a way to make that a trigger.

I think I’ll just go back to the standard force-click to drag.