Better Touch Tool & HyperKey

Hi gang,

Since the latest BTT update using Caps Lock for my Hyperkey is so hit and miss. If I push it and do not use it my keyboard gets stuck… it will not let me type anything. Sometimes after using it I have the safe effect? What am I doing wrong? Before the update it worked beautifully.

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Have you posted in the BTT forum? I use BTT, but I’ve always had Karabiner Elements handle my Hyper Key and other keyboard tricks. It’s rock solid.

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I had the same problem a while ago. The keyboard would occasionally stop working until I quit BTT. I also switched to Karabiner Elements for the Hyperkey and it’s never happened since.

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I’ve had this for a while. But I’m able to press the caps lock key again and it stops.
Also, it sometimes doesn’t register on the first press, so I have to do it again.

I’ve also found that the only consistent way to get the hyperkey to work is Karabiner, both the BTT and Hyperkey app did some weird things.

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Same here, hope this gets fixed soon. Lots of updates in the last days, guess they are trying to fix it.

That was before the update:) Now it locks the whole keyboard until you restart BBT.

Thanks guys… thought I was going mad.

Now moved back to Karabiner Elements.

I didn’t find the hyperkey working right in Monterey using BTT since that is all I use BTT I was irked. I don’t begrudge a good developer $* and that is life but I uninstalled. I found the trackpad over sensitive and weird on Monterey too and I unticked a whole bunch of options there, I don’t miss any of them.

What happened though was a review of my own strategy and logistics at a higher level as it were.

I found I could dispense with the hyperkey altogether, as I did with Alfred and replace it with a massive Keyboard Maestro palette triggered, instead of spotlight, by command and spacebar, then using triggers and conflict palettes I found I am as quick as I was frankly. All my safari tab sets are named “aa new york times set”, “ab tech set” and so on so I can quickly fire and launch Safari too very quick once muscle memory is in place, it didn’t take long. You don’t even consciously see the palettes, you just run the sequence pretty much. That would be for a set of tabs I use with the New York Times, command spacebar, a, a, make sense?
As regards gestures and shortcuts we are approaching over kill I am beginning to think. I have anyway, I have all I need at present on my Mac!

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Couldn’t agree more. We listen to podcasts such as MPU, hear about a new piece of software and add it to our increasing workflow.

I have scaled back myself recently. It’s just overkill for an accountant like me. I have found that I was previously trying to find a reason why I needed a piece of software rather than looking for a software to solve a particular problem.


I’ll bear that in mind - might give Karabiner a try. However, I’ll keep BTT around as I use the snap tool and other features.