Better Touch Tool without a Touch Bar

I’ve had BTT on my 2018 MBP for some time, but use it only to snap windows. I don’t like the Touch Bar at all, and I’m happy to see it going away (per multiple rumors). It appears that BTT has a lot of other possibly useful features (e.g. keyboard shortcuts). My question is “Has anyone made good use of multiple features of BTT on a Mac that doesn’t have a Touch Bar?” I’m wondering if it is worth investing the time necessary to learn BTT if there will be no Touch Bar available in the near future.

Mine has one use only… Hyper-Key

There are two “major” things use it for, in the sense that if I lost them, I’d really miss them.

First, a three finger tap is middle click. This is a must for anyone in my opinion. To open links in a new tab, to close browser tabs, etc.

Second, I use its traffic light triggers. There are some apps like Obsidian and IINA that I want to hide, rather than close, when I click the red traffic light. Keyboard Maestro is my bae for OS tweaks but AFAIK it doesn’t have traffic light triggers.

I have a a touch bar, But I also use btt to swipe, specifically to add some of the Ulysses swipe functionality to other apps.

I do use it to use my old Logitech Trackball M570 - official driver support ended for macOS, with BTT i can still use this device. Configured only the buttons there, no other use for BTT.

I use the snap function and the hyper key.

I also use it to override the scroll wheel for external mice on my MacBook, allowing me to scroll as I would expect with a scroll wheel (down for down) but retain the natural scrolling of the trackpad.

I also use it to map buttons on my Logitech MX Vertical to forward and back (three finger swipe) and I’ve used it in the past to change the sensitivity of the Magic Mouse.

I’ve never used a Mac with a Touch Bar and I find it worthwhile.

Thank you all for the replies. I wasn’t familiar with Hyper-Key, but it looks useful as do the other features noted.

I use BTT for one thing, trackpad gestures. I find the BTT app to be buggy and unreliable (just this morning had major problems while trying to create some new gestures where it was duplicating the gestures and then deleting other gestures). It also randomly stops working and requires the software to be restarted.

That being said, it has amazing capabilities for the trackpad. I have probably 50 or so gestures for mine. From window manipulation (resizing, moving, hiding etc), to controlling safari (right click, open link in new tab, go back ir forward etc).

Literally anything beyond trackpad gestures I use Keyboard Maestro for.

I use BTT for opening links in a new window. Double tap fn to open in a new window and double tap caps lock to close current window. I also use BTT for snapping

Non-Touch Bar uses for BTT, a hopefully adequate summary of the responses:

  • Snap windows
  • Keyboard shortcuts, including Hyper-Key
  • Various gestures
  • Mouse adjustments
  • Traffic light triggers

Just noting that BTT massively predates the touchbar - so obviously somebody had a goid use for it. :slight_smile:

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So the list of non-Touch Bar features grows longer. I believe that my original question “Has anyone made good use of multiple features of BTT on a Mac that doesn’t have a Touch Bar?” has been answered resoundly in the positive.

Didn’t know that. I was first introduced to BTT as something that would make the Touch Bar useful.