BetterTouchTool Clipboard Manager is great!

Hi everyone, been trying out a few clipboard managers since the Clipboard Managers episode of MPU. I was using Alfred prior to that. I think BetterTouchTool clipboard manager is really cool. I liked it a lot. Especially things like

  • allowing text transformation
  • editing copied text
  • annotating screenshots
  • file previews

More features here Clipboard Manager · GitBook


It seems great and I set a shortcut for it but keep forgetting to use it. I should set it to the shortcut that I use for Paste and switch that off (I would lose the cross-device sync but, now that I think about it, I rarely need that).

edit: I just swapped the shortcuts between Paste and BTT.

I’ve used the Alfred one for years, but because of the MPU Talk episode, I started experimenting with the ones in both BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro. BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Maestro are both applications I started using just this year, so I know neither terribly well. For anyone whose familiar with the two clipboard managers in those programs, anyone have a preference or a sense of what sets them apart?

No help for you here – I switched my clipboard management from Keyboard Maestro to Alfred for Alfred’s prettier and more useful display and Alfred’s better configuration of its retention policy.

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I appreciate Alfred’s clipboard manager and use it as well, @karlnyhus , but in this case I sometimes need a ‘palette’ or window of ‘clippings’ to stay open as I copy and paste a few different lines of text. I could be wrong, but when I paste from Alfred, the list of ‘snippets’ immediately disappears.

One thing that keeps me with Paste is that it supports Quicklook. BTT should add this

BetterTouchTool does show a list of items and their preview.

Preview yes - but Paste enlarges them with Quicklook. BTT doesn’t do that.