Big Differences in Weather App forecast

I’m still amazed with the wide discrepancies in weather forecasts based on the source of information use by weather apps.

I’m a recent “convert” to Carrot weather–mainly for its customization and the additional data that can be added.

But, if one’s objective is the most accurate forecast, it can be difficult to settle on a weather app, at least for me. Here are examples from my location:

Carrot Weather-source: Dark Sky

What is odd about this screenshot is that Dark Sky predicts heavy rain (consistent with the other forecasts) but does not show it on the rain “graph.” That said, I may well be misunderstand that graph but my assumption is that it would show the probably of rain. It seems to but at a much lower level than the statement “Heavy rain tonight” implies.

Carrot Weather-source: AccuWeather

Carrot Weather-source: Foreca


Apple Weather-source: The Weather Channel

Notice also the wide variation in reported humidity: from 52% to 76%. (Apple Weather reports it at 57%). I’m sitting outside while I write this post. It is very comfortable, which “tells” me the humidity is 60% or less.

Examining these examples carefully, it seems to me that Carrot Weather with AccuWeather as the source is the closest match to Apple Weather with The Weather Channel as the source. They are relatively close in the high, the humidity, and the probably of rain.

Which leads me to conclude that Carrot Weather + AccuWeather is likely the most accurate while also providing the most customization.

Huh, this was a helpful post to write–I think it helped me come to a conclusion. Writing does indeed help one’s thinking!

I think I’ll post this anyway–maybe it will be helpful to someone else, or merely amusing at my expense! :laughing:


I have noticed that as well, my weather reports are all over the place. I use Foreca and will sometimes compare it to Apple’s app and the reality is usually somewhere in between.

I picked up a Netatmo Weather Station last month that you can use with Carrot to show you your local conditions. My deck was about 8 degrees warmer than what the apps were telling me this morning.

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I don’t use it as my primary weather app, but I’ve found to be a great source of additional weather data. If you find it useful they have a free app as well.


Being old school I often go to the NWS at One of the better features is the Forecast discussion link where the forecaster explains why they made the predictions they did. Lots of weather geek info.

Yup. A bugbear of mine as long as there have been weather apps.

The ‘official’ source of weather info in New Zealand (the one owned by the government) has their own app which is not bad UI-wise if you discount the enormous ads (yes, from a government entity) and the single widget size/configuration, but it is as likely as any other to show data that has a tenuous link with reality. This really sucks when the weather where you live and where you work are often quite different.

In my experience, if you see someone exclaim that App X has the most accurate weather and you live in the same town as them then go with that. Otherwise any recommendation means nothing.

You could also consider my wife’s approach. “I don’t like this forecast. Let me find another one I like better.”

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That made me laugh!

I can’t speak for New Zealand, but this service measures and ranks the accuracy of weather services for one’s area. For my area, AccuWeather and The Weather Channel are the most accurate.

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You must live in a place where the weather is difficult to predict for whatever reason. Forecasts are ~10% better where I live.

I do live in an area where the weather is subject to substantial change within relatively short periods of time. Consequently, I have to choose the forecast service with the greatest relative accuracy. :slight_smile:

You PNW people really do live in a bubble, don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

(But yes, why does anyone live inland where the ten really nice days a year are unpredictable…)

Hey I lived in FL before this. It was really easy there. Every day for 8 months of the year: 90°, 80% humidity with a chance of rain for 10 minutes around 1pm. The PNW has crazy variances compared to that!

Edit: interesting, I looked up my old zip code in FL and the forecasts are around 81% there as well. So I guess my weather here is pretty easy to predict comparatively.

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I’ve unfortunately had to drop Carrot because none of its forecasts are accurate for where I live.

The closest is Meteo but it told me it would be a sunny day last week and I got soaked. This has happened at least half a dozen times this year. The only forecast that showed the right weather was Weather Channel, or the local service (which has a horrible ad-ridden app).

So, despite loving Carrot’s interface, I’m back with the stock weather app, as I need accurate weather.

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