Big Facebook Data Dump

Further confirmation of my decision not to do Facebook.


Yes, it’s not a good day for Facebook users. Or for privacy.


That privacy policy means they are using Facebook Custom Audiences to advertise. Facebook matches a hash of the identifying info (email address) and matches it against hashes from their data to create the list and find similar profiles. It is definitely targeted advertising but it doesn’t add to Facebook’s information.

Whether they should is for another forum. I think organizations using Facebook or LinkedIn custom audience advertising would sound less mysterious if they just linked to the program they’re using in their privacy policy.

Facebook isn’t the only large company to have been breached before.

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That’s certainly good to know. And that has been one organization that seemed a cut above the rest! Sad.

This is actually an old breach (2019) but the data has now been put on the internet for free.
Which means if you have facebook and/whatsapp expect more spam calls, texts and attempts to steal your credentials.

I am not a facebook or whatsapp user, and SOOOOO glad I’m not!

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Even if you’re not a Facebook user, they’ll still have data about you gathered from other sources, e.g. if another user you know has allowed Facebook to upload their contacts, if you’re in any photos uploaded to facebook or if they’ve sourced information from 3rd parties.

I am a reluctant Facebook user. I’ve never given them my phone number, but they know what my phone number is and asked me multiple times to confirm it. sigh

I’ve never used Facebook , WhatsApp, Instagram, or any of the dozens of other companies they own. But FB has been buying data about users and non-users for years. So it’s likely they have my information too.

About the only thing I can do is not use their services, have their domains blocked by pi-hole and disable automatic image loading in my email client. As a person there’s not much more I can do to keep them from having my data.

That they process my phone nr through other people’s address books is unfortunate, and as far as I am aware illegal in my part of the world. Would actually be good to actually verify with them what personal data they process from me. (I can reference my phone number in that query)
I think I just got a hobby :slight_smile:

On the pi-hole block: you would not believe how upset that made my 2 teenage daughters… No FB, no Whatsapp, no Instagram… Totally isolated them socially for about 15 minutes until I got home :joy:


It’s on Have I Been Pwned: Have I Been Pwned: Pwned websites

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The general public seems to finally be catching on. I hope that more people ditch Facebook!

Facebook isn’t the only large company to have been breached before.

Yes, I already said that. :thinking:

Which was your reply when someone posted the exact same info. It just wasn’t from MacRumors, Patrick.

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That’s true. Based on a few purchased reports I’ve seen in the past, the data available in the U.S. seems pretty complete (except for medical). So I do what I can to protect things like tax and medical records and don’t worry about the rest.

IMO there is nothing we can do to protect our data, that ship sailed decades ago. The only thing that might help are laws on how it can be used.

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I can tell you enjoy the MacRumors articles. Want another one? :upside_down_face:

Hey, you can even sleep safe at night knowing that Mark Zuckerberg will no longer be able to stalk you.

I do too, in fact there are few things I’d like more than to watch FB go down in flames. Unfortunately, since it hasn’t happened already, it’s unlikely to happen this time.

Oh, as a bonus… :upside_down_face:

To further their cause of fighting the devil, the ACLU has sold their soul to said devil. I.e. they have been sharing data with Facebook.