Big Sur and open/save dialog box size

Is there a setting somewhere in Big Sur to make open/save dialog box larger? It’s annoyingly small and first thing I have to do every time when I see it – resize…

You can always let Apple know by filing feedback?

I decided to ask here to see if there is a setting which I missed somewhere, or something is broken on my three systems, before going the feedback route.

Try this in Terminal:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -bool true

might only work on apps that start after you make the change, or after you logout/login.

I think this was a bug which has been fixed in the latest release.

Looks like I already have it set to true, but still none of the apps remember it:

$ defaults read NSGlobalDomain NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode

Which release? I’m having problem on 11.1… is it fixed in 11.2 betas?

I misspoke - it’s broken in some apps but not others. My (total) guess would be that some devs. are using older versions of a framework that has not been updated.