Big Sur kernel panic (day 2 of 2)

After maybe a year without a kernel panic on my iMac Pro, I upgraded to Big Sur yesterday and this morning I came in and my machine was off. I knew what that meant, and upon booting, saw the message that there had been a kernel panic that caused the shutdown.

Maybe Apple should create a Zoloft kernel extension that will stop these panic attacks.


My MacBook pro was frequently sick after the upgrade from Catalina to Big Sur – lots of slow downs, apps freezing, etc. For me the fix was scraping Sophos off the machine entirely – it regularly consumed all CPU and raced the fans like mad.

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Yeah, Sophos did the same for me on Catalina on my iMac Pro. My girlfriend’s MBP seems to tolerate it okay. I now run Malwarebytes on mine and hers (along with Sophos on hers). Seems to work okay.
I won’t be re-upping Sophos when the subscription runs out.

I cancelled mid-subscription and they would not refund the remainder. Not that they said they would, but I removed the machines from the configuration, so it’s not like they’re doing anything for me.

Another day, another kernel panic.
Hopefully I didn’t have any unsaved work.

What do the logs say?