Big Sur macOS 11.2 released

Upgraded to 11.2 today with software update and it was smooth. No issues faced with command line upgrade

softwareupdate --install --restart --all
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I normally check his opinion before jumping in but took a chance this time… If I had I might have held off a bit due to the issues he had (but I’m not on M1 yet).(well, for testing we have to latest on some Macs and VMs)

He also wrote:

Some have also report it taking longer to install than previous updates, although that wasn’t my experience.

I found it took a while on one of my Macs (the other was an overnight).

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Yet again it’s moved httpd.conf to relocated items on desktop. Gah!

On the other hand maybe yay! (Yay if there’s been an Apache Webserver or PHP update.)

It only - before Big Sur - used to do that on a major release boundary.

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I have to re-apply these changes after every point-update:

  1. ssh_config
  2. sshd_config
  3. enable Touch ID for sudo

With 11.2, I also had to re-apply the speed-up Time Machine option in /etc/syslog.conf.

The first 3 happen so often I now have a script to re-apply them so I don’t have to manually edit the files every time.

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Off topic, but this is an excellent tip – had never run across it before in MT’s blog. Thanks for the link.

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