Big Sur What wallpaper are you using?

I’m having a major First World crisis. :slight_smile: I can’t decide what wallpaper to use with Big Sur. I have my own wallpapers (e.g., 3rd image) but I’m intrigued by those provided by Apple. I’m curious, have you decided on wallpaper on your Mac?

I’m leaning toward this dynamic one, though I like the splash screen as well (2nd image).


Love that 3rd image. Did you photograph that?

I’m so tempted to lie! But, no. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using the middle, colorful one for most of the beta as a reminder that I was using Big Sur, but now I am using a pacific blue wallpaper on my iPhone 12 Pro Max (which is also Pacific Blue) and MacBook Pro.

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I’ll go all arbitrarily subjective and complainy on this topic and take the opportunity to point out that in recent years I’ve been a little disappointed by Apple’s choices in many of the nature photographs. They’re beautiful images, but whoever chooses them seems, to me, to lean toward composition that draws the eye to the foreground of the image and to the center of the screen. I like the dynamic images, but that one with the sand dune always bugged me. I felt like it was blocking the vista behind it, which is what I really wanted to see. Even the top one you’ve posted here has that little notch of land near the middle trying to steal focus from the sky and horizon. I’d prefer my widescreen desktop picture to be sweeping and vast, with a little rule-of-thirds thrown in, rather than centered and foregroundy, thank you very much.


I’ve used the first one, and with it changing during the day it’s awesome to watch.

But, before long I’ll switch to my default again


I’m using the 2nd one on Mac, iPad Pro and iPhone. But I tend to change wallpapers as often as I change my socks, so who knows what I will be rockin’ on my desktop tomorrow…

You cant just post that third image (Fall trees) and not tell us where we can download that amazing picture!!

I’m using the Bing daily wallpaper app. I get a new background when I sit down to work each day, and some of the photos are just stunning.

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Was using the second one but switched to Iridescence (Light and Dark) when the latest beta came out. Might try the newly released illustration (Dynamic) with 5 different types of lighting conditions next.

But for the longest time, the image below is my default wallpaper the past ten years. I might go back to it after trying out all the new wallpapers. It’s the album cover for Panda Bear’s Person Pitch.

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Unfortunately I can’t locate the original source file but here are some beautiful fall wallpapers that you may like:

I would love to say I am up with the hip new wallpaper, did try a couple but very quickly went back to the original blue colour used on Apple computers which I have used now for a couple of years, thanks to @drdrang who reminded me of it.

rgb(61, 101, 156) #3d659c

I guess I just like to focus a lot on the application windows themselves.


I change my based on season and also add a Christmas wallpaper after Thanksgiving Through Dec. 31. Hence the current fall wallpaper.

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as usual, I change my wallpaper immediately to a map downloaded from:

Play around with the custom resolutions to fit your monitor. Use same on iOS as well, but do change colors. These look awesome on big screens. I use different zoom levels to alternate views … Now rotating my favourite cities: London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo …


I decided to update my wallpaper because I have nothing better to do. :slight_smile:


I really like these colorful wallpapers by the 9to5mac folks on their Mammoth concept: macOS Mammoth concept redefines the Mac experience - 9to5Mac

The concept itself has too many things that would frustrate users, but I do like the wallpaper.

I use wallpapers on my phone and iPad but my computers normally look like this:

Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 4.26.12 PM

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I make my own wallpaper. E.g.,


I downloaded a number of images from NASA and put them in Photos. Right now I have the wallpaper changing every hour. It’s really pretty cool. I cannot get enough of space exploration, astronomy and NASA.