BIG Update to Craft!--AGAIN

It certainly depends on what you store there. I won’t give a second thought to keep my personal hobby-related gaming notes in Craft even now. But I cannot use it for anything work-related.

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With only about 12 docs I’ve already used about 250 of my 1000 free blocks. Does this seem normal/

Keep in mind that EVERY paragraph is a “block.” So yes, it does make sense. Kind of a stark reminder of just how little 1000 blocks actually is.


It doesn’t sound surprising, since every atomic unit of content (down to paragraphs) is a block on it’s own right. While this has it’s upshots (each piece of micro-content has its own identity, is expandable, and all that), it does mean that you start running out of blocks rather fast!


Just gave this another try & noticed two annoyances: 1) you’re restricted in how narrow you can make the window - true of a lot of apps but this is the worst of (from back to front): Craft, Ulysses, Notes, Drafts, and Byword.

  1. it doesn’t use standard MacOS spell-checking and auto-correction as you type, from what I can tell.
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Scrivener is at a different league. Amazing platform for writers and haven’t experienced any other app that can top it.


Let me save you some time: there’s none (been in this gig for almost 20 years). :slight_smile:


I’ve been using Craft in conjunction with DevonThink for several hours now.

First impressions: I like how easy it is to add text. Very fluid.

Downside: It’s still a bit more mouse-centric than I would like. Some of the keyboard and mouse conventions will take getting used to.

I’m not sure how well it will scale once I have dozens of documents/pages in there.

On the other hand, it’s fun to play with and it appears it will be easy to exit if I decide it is not for me.

I don’t like the subscription model. What happens to my data/the app if the developers get hit by a meteor?

This is one of the things I like about Craft, you can get all of your information out in several formats. I emailed the developer and he confirmed even if the subscription is canceled, the data remains with you. This will be even clearer once they launch the Craft Connect feature (see above). I also did an experimental export to markdown and everything exported perfectly with the folder structure retained.

While not a lot, I have 225 documents in Craft now with no issues. Sync is instant across my devices I am also linking to Craft< - >Craft < - >Things< - >DT< - >Emails as needed.

So far…so good.

Another missing feature – no support for export-to-RTF, which I sometimes want to do when exporting to DevonThink. Workaround: Export to another app that supports textbundle, and from there to DevonThink.

Lacking support for export to RTF is one of those WTF type lapses that developer sometimes do.

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Your evangelism got me to try it out, and I am absolutely loving it so far.
It is clean, it lets me make attractive, simple notes. It handles images well. It has sufficiently good export options for my use.

I’m absolutely loving it at the moment, using it to organise my ideas, images, scripts and overarching themes for the Lesson Videos I’m putting together. I may expand into other areas, but I don’t feel rushed to do so.

Have I mentioned I love the app? (and I’m hoping this feeling lasts)

Edit: Forgot to clarify who I was responding to.

@GraemeS I’m glad you are enjoying it! The more I use it, the better I like it. I particularly like the ability to create pages/cards (what I call sub-pages) in a note. This allows me to create a “dashboard” of all needed content in any and all notes. This is extremely helpful for big projects—I have all relevant material in one place, including links to emails, folders, Things projects/tasks, and more.

For example, I have a major project across departments involving the creation of specialized academies. This one page has sub-pages of all meeting notes, links to emails, and to any other resources needed including MindNode, Things, emails, and more.

This is proving very easy and efficient. I’m slowly migrating all of my notes from Apple Notes to Craft and adding all needed links along with meeting notes.

Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 11.33.27 AM


I totally agree. I love it too.

The sync is insanely quick too.

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Here’s an example of how I use it. This is just for my organisation, but I do find that laying out my notes in an attractive fashion keeps my mind focused on trying to produce a creative, attractive product. Otherwise, I tend towards organised and mechanical. A blend of these traits is a good spot to be in.

These are for planning my Lesson Videos, which I’m doing for my Physics lessons.

  • I have the title
  • followed by a ‘Heading’ with the ‘Focus’ decoration.
  • I then put in the Big Question picture, which I plan on telling a story around.
  • The next blocks are a prologue, which I make into a short video to set up the topic.
  • I then have several ‘Cards,’ one for each Lesson Video. Inside those are the enquiry questions, scripts and images that I’ll use to make the Lesson Video.
  • Finally, some more blocks of text for the epilogue, which is another short video wrapping up the topic, rounding off the story.

With something like this I always set up my structure then create a template that I duplicate to start a new topic. That means setting my preferred card formats etc is hardly ever needed.


There is another update to Craft. The developer is rolling out updates at a fast pace.


It is the app that just keeps on giving at the moment!

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I agree. I’m quite impressed with Craft and the developers.

Does anyone know where the company behind Craft is based? I just have a feeling they’re China based. Probably I’m just imagining things…

I’m not sure but it’s not unusual for the .do to represent the Dominican Republic.

But that is just a wild guess on my part.

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It’s a PITA to indent on iPhone due to the lack of a tab key. They should consider adding an indenting/outdenting button or making it more easily reachable on iPhone.

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