Big update to MacFamilyTree - version 10

Any updates on MFT vs Reunion? It’s $35 for MFT and $50 for me to upgrade to Reunion. Seeing how I haven’t really used Reunion that much, it wouldn’t be too difficult a switch for me.

Curious if you have any thoughts.

After trying out both new versions, I think I am sticking with Reunion. There is a lot of clicking to do in MFT, very few tabs you can get to with just tabbing around. I like the interactive graphs and charts, and they are pretty. But entry into Reunion is so fast and easy, I can deal with a bit less flash and animation.

The quick entry in Reunion is fantastic.


I am sticking with Reunion too. While I think it is really showing its age overall I am happy with it. I do find the charting so much nicer in MFT and may actually buy it just for the charting (exporting from Reunion when I need it ).

Does anyone know of a user forum for MacFamilyTree users?
The official Synium support pages don’t have a discussion forum.

There isn’t an official user forum as far as I’m aware. But there is an unofficial Facebook group called MacFamilyTree Users that is quite active:

Great. Thanks. I’ll check it out.