Big update to MacFamilyTree - version 10

Synium has released MacFamilyTree 10 and they are calling it the largest update they have released. I had hoped for Ancestry sync but the rest of my expectations have been met - better source management with configurable source templates, support for GEDCOM 7, and new customizable edit section. Here’s what’s new:

It’s 50% off for a limited time and they have a free demo available to play with.

By far the best designed genealogy software for Mac.


For the uncultured like myself — what does one use this for, vs a diagram in something like Affinity Designer?

Having played with the free GRAMPS, I believe it’s the ability to add meta data and other items to each record. It’s a cross between a database and a diagramming tool, so it’s got information and images on the people in the tree, not just a visual representation of the family tree.


It’s used for what the developer says it’s built to do.

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interesting. I have dabbled a bit in Genealogy. My software choice was Reunion. I wonder if anyone can offer a comparison between the 2? My version of Reunion will need updating once I get back into things.

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Thanks for posting. Just purchased it.

I bought MFT like at version 5 and it never stuck but I think i’m ready to dig in.

I agree. It is quite comprehensive and I believe I have just scratched the surface. Nice UI.

If you are into genealogy it is nice to have this software.

This version looks great. Those of you who have a lot of information in Ancestry, what do you do to make use of both that and Mac Family Tree?

This is where I have received a lot of information. They just periodically send it to me.


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For some reason I could never find the mobile app and I though this was a Mac only app. Now that I know they have both I’m jumping I for sure!! Thank you for this post.

I’ve given this some more thought and found a solution that I’m experimenting with. Given that I might not use Ancestry all the time (e.g. pausing the subscription), MacFamilyTree will be the app to store all my genealogical research and notes. It has fantastic FamilySearch integration and you can use it to search records on Ancestry (just no sync). Then every few months or so I’ll export to GEDCOM and import to and link that with my DNA results there. That way I can still take advantage of DNA matching and Ancestry’s hints system and have a public tree I can share with others.

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Does anyone know if this latest replaces the previous app? I just recently bought it and can’t really afford to spend another $35 as much as I’d like to have it.

Pretty sure it’s a separate install. You should be able to move v10 to the trash and it will still keep your previous version.

HI, I didn’t get it because it would be an additional $35 and I just bought the previous version.

If you bought it within the last month or so, might be worthwhile contacting the developer. I think they are giving a code for free upgrade for folks who just bought v9.

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I bought it with a gift card for Christmas so I know it hasn’t been that long. I emailed them earlier in the day.

I have a previous version (7 or 8, I can’t remember). Do they support the importing from older versions? I spent a lot of time on it so far! :relaxed:

From their website FAQs.

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I’m actually a long time user of Reunion. I did try this at something like V6 and found it a bit gimmicky but I do like that the UI is a lot more modern so may give ir a spin again at that price.