Bilbo's Home Office

I split my time between my own design business and teaching Graphic Design at the College and University level. This home office works well for me. Sadly, it’s a basement office with one tiny window, so I don’t have much natural light.

The island is the latest addition which is actually two IKEA sideboards positioned back to back. The home media server iMac lives here in addition to our ScanSnap and flatbed scanner. It’s a great work surface for trimming and mounting proofs plus has loads of storage.

(our 2-year-old beagle Dori, can often be found snoozing next to my desk)



So, where do you recommend one shop for a Beagle? :wink:

I love the island, if I had more space I would do the same! Filing that under “ideas to steal if/when we move”.

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Beagles R Us, maybe? Dori is a sweetie. The puppy stage was a bit of a challenge, we used to call her “Dori the Destroyer”. She got in behind the TV stand once and chewed into the Apple TV cable. Sparks were flying!

Yeah, the island works really well. On the top shelf of the far right door, I have a couple of hard drives and the battery backup unit. Everything tidy and hidden.

Good luck with the Automators! I’m really enjoying it. I plan on trying to get your repeating calendar events trick working for me. It’s ideal for logging in my teaching schedule.

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