Biometric approval with Apple Watch during 'Sleep' focus

Has anyone run into issues where after a certain time of night your Apple Watch will stop unlocking 1password or any biometric approval?

It has plagued me for a while but wasn’t until I started using 1password’s ssh agent that requires an unlock while I was working during ‘sleep’ hours.

Anyway I couldn’t figure out what else would change about my setup outside of the sleep focus so I flipped it over to ‘Do not disturb’ instead of ‘Sleep’ and alas everything worked again. I can’t seem to find anything about the focus mode that would prevent the approvals from working. Has anyone run across this?

There’s explicit language about it that shows occasionally (either on Mac login or watch unlock of the phone) telling you to disable sleep mode if you want to use the watch to unlock.

At first I thought it was a security feature so you could sleep with your watch on without it being used to get into your other devices. But someone can disable sleep mode just by twisting the dial on your arm, and disabling in control center, and passwordless unlock will work again.

hmmm so the key is… don’t work while I’m supposed to be in sleep mode :frowning:

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My guess is that the disabled notifications in Sleep focus are interfering with the unlock feature. In other words, the watch isn’t getting the notification to prompt for approval. Or, Sleep focus is turning off some part of Bluetooth and/or WiFi to save battery overnight.

It gets the prompt for a second and bumps my wrist but then immediately goes away

Pretty sure this is a feature. Unlock with watch doesn’t work on my phone during sleep time – I have to use my passcode like an animal on late night trips to the grocery while masked. The message about disabling sleep mode or whatever it’s called appears then as well.

The whole bedtime thing is supposed to encourage our better natures by getting enough sleep instead of staying up all night on our phones.

It is intentional and makes ton of sense, when you are in Sleep mode, (i.e. supposedly sleeping), the macOS won’t use your watch for approvals, because that is a security concern. Imagine someone brings your Mac while sleeping next to you, and the watch just unlocks it for them.

This is so smart IMO.

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