Bizarre MBP WiFi connection problem

Confused. The WIFI network is my home router, forgetting won’t help, since a minute later I will reconnect.

I have the new modem and will try installing this weekend, when the whole family will be fine if we have an internet interruption.

The ppp0:TR069 are ISP errors.
Think the new modem (and updated firmware)
will fix the network drops. Hopefully wifi as well

Let us know please

Modem upgrade complete, it will of course be 10-12 days before I can really tell if it’s fixed the problem.

(Curious that several people mentioned WiFI - it was never a problem).

Fun note on the SpeedTest game. I use to test performance and I got a some funny results.

  • Wired - Cat6 Cable (from Bell) - 990MBps up and down. (connected over Anker USB-C adapter)
  • WiFi - sitting right next to the router - 1181MBps up and 1084 down.

Of course there is question is the cable really Cat6?

Since 1Gbps was already fast enough, the difference doesn’t matter, it is just interesting.

I’m jealous of your symmetrical gig cable! What wifi protocol is that and is it coming straight from Bell’s modem? And do you know the port speed on the modem? One possibility is you have a 1gig port on the modem that caps ethernet speed, and a good wifi 6+ connection that bypasses that port. Another possibility is a bad cable. Another possibility is that the wifi speed is misreporting for some reason; I see impossible speed test results on wifi sometimes.


In theory there is another port that offers up to 10Gpbs. In practice it’s no better than the other ports. At this stage I will just be happy if I have a stable always on internet connection. The addition of USB port for attached storage is interesting and may turn into a family backup location.


If you remove the WiFi connection from your Mac it should not automatically reconnect. Not without selecting the network and entering the password.