Black Friday 2022

I don’t think they will be great this year but let’s hope.

Screenflow at 20% off now.

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Bundlehunt is live, and has some great deals IMHO


I already started a topic for Black Friday several days ago.

Maybe the mods can merge them?

My bad… will copy mine over

Agenda is a steal - $5 for one year of premium! I personally couldn’t get it or NotePlan to work in my workflow, but it’s really high quality app.

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I’ve been eyeing that too. And I’m guessing it’s a $5 forever unlock with 1 year of updates. Since that’s how Agenda defines “premium” on their website.

If you decide to purchase the upgrade, you permanently unlock all current premium features across all of your devices. Each of them is described in detail below.

Additionally, any new premium features we add in the 12 months following your purchase are also permanently unlocked.

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I’ll be jumping on that when I get home tonight. :slight_smile:

Not entirely sure what you are saying, but here is what I understand of it… You pay $5- every premium feature they have released to date is yours, along with everything they release during the term of the subscription… should/when your subscription lapse next year (for example), you still get to keep everything that you have…