Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 Deals

Thought it would be easier to separate out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Beyond Compare has a 25% off sale on Cyber Monday

Courtesy of @DannyR - Devon think @25% off

Courtesy of @TheMarty - The Brain is on a 20 % sale.

Here’s a consolidated list from Michael Tsai

From @MarkDMill


BusyCal and BusyContacts are on sale for 30% off

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AirPods Pro for $169


The Brain is on a 20 % sale.

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Thanks Where is that blog post?


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Lumafusion on iOS dropped to $19.99

Screens on IOS has dropped to $12.99

Curio has 25% off on new traditional licenses (upgrades are excluded)

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Sensei is 50% off

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I don’t know if these are any good, but Aukey makes solid gear. $15 for Bluetooth earbuds (Prime member pricing).

The FCPXML Export in LumaFusion is actually 50% off at $9.99.

I know This is a bit unusual for an Black Friday request, has anyone found any discounts/sales found watch bands for the Series 5 Apple watch?

Would prefer third-party bands over Apple’s overpriced watch bands.

I’ve not been able to find decent sales.


30% off at Nomad


the sale prices are as high as Apple’s normal prices for their bands :wink:

Ahaha! I’ve finally found a place that has reasonably priced
watch bands

Have you used this? Is it a competitor to CleanMac?

I picked it up today. It’s aiming for both CleanMyMac and iStat Menus.

The menu bar monitor features are coming soon and look far better than iStat Menus. The application is under active development and the developer claims to have the first M1 thermal monitoring app. I haven’t done the research to validate the claim, but it’s at least encouraging to see the dev working on advancing the app so quickly.

So far it’s nice, and I’m happy with it. I hope they add widgets.

However, I don’t like the part where it shows me my MBP battery health is at 93% after 24 cycles. :frowning:


My MacBook Pro 16” was also at 93% and just a few months old.

Suspicious coincidence … sounds like a bug

ProtonMail has Black Friday deals


on ios Just Press Record has dropped to 2.99