Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021 - Share your findings

Does anyone know if Parallels & VMware work on Apple Silicon yet?
That’s got to be a tough nut to crack

Vmware runs just fine, but it can’t run an Intel-based VM.

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It should be 30$ on stacksocial!


Thank you for that! $10 saved is significant.

Thanks for posting the sale on Abbyy Finereader. It’s a significant discount. And it must be one of most hidden Black Friday deals out there. The website has no clue about the sale unless you have the specific link. I bought it yesterday, so thanks again!

This sounds like Curio is more like a database, right? Something like Obsidian but it looks nicer? Do you think it is a good tool for teachers?

Take Control Books is offering 50% on a selection of recent titles, until midnight PST November 29.

(Their website is apparently getting crammed with requests, so it might be unresponsive.)

No. Curio is not a database and is not something like Obsidian.

(FWIW, I wouldn’t call Obsidian a “database” either, though the term has lost its technical meaning in recent years.)

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Parallels also runs fine, but has to be an arm build of the OS.

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How would you call it? A better note taking project managing tool? I’m somehow new to this kind of productivity tools.

I’d call it what the developer calls it


Me too! Great deal :+1::+1::kissing_heart:

It’s more of a Personal Knowledge Management Software [PKM]. Though it can be considered as a database too and it’s proprietary. So I’m really not sure how easy it is if you were to migrate off of Curio down the road. But for me it not being on iOS is a deal killer. I really want it to be both on Mac as well as on iOS.

25% off LastPass

Edit: apparently this discount does not seem to work for existing subscriber. I am one and when I checked out, the discount did not apply :frowning:

The 1Password deal (50% off your first year of 1Password Families) is also only for new customers:

These companies only seem to care about growth, not about existing customers… :cry:


The Pragmatic Programmers have a BFCM sale.
If you’re a programmer, or write code of any sort, The Pragmatic Programmer is required reading.

Tough luck, gave me error when I applied the code.

Edit: Pragmatic Programmer is excluded from the sale for anyone interested.

Ah, too bad.
The Pragmatic Programmer is easily worth 10x the price.

Then it IS on sale, and with a 90% discount as well!


not sure it is the same like previous years, surprised that there is no sale from Instapaper, Pocket, Raindrop, Goodlinks, etc, at least I am not aware of but hoping for