Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022 Deals

Has anyone used their VPN service. Would you like to share your thoughts compared to other VPN services.


You should consider taking a look at this topic.

Yep, subscriber and love it! I find the UI easy to navigate and there are a ton of options to select various countries, double hops, etc. Personally, I just leave it running all the time and have not experienced significant reduction of speed or battery impact.

To me, their stance on data collection and privacy was the big winner. Also, look at company ownership and structure. TunnelBear is owned by McAfee (I think), ExpressVPN is owned by a company with multiple VPN services.

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Bundlehunt is live, and has some great deals IMHO


Weird request, but there was some big photo editing package that I read is always on sale on Black Friday. Except I can’t remember what it was and my Google skills aren’t working…

Affinity is on sale

Thanks, but it wasn’t that one. I know it would be helpful if I had any details, but then I would probably to be able to find it in a Google search anyway. I believe it has a lot of AI processes to do things for you…

Edit: AI was the key thing to search for. Topaz Labs stuff!

Edit 2: Actually it was DxO, supposedly they have a big sale every Black Friday.

Ninox is free for iphone and ipad. As far as I can tell, it may have gone subscription. I couldn’t find details about why the iphone and ipad versions are free when they were priced. Mac version is still at $34.99

Speaking of Topaz Labs photo editing software, their Black Friday deal is live. 65% off their photography bundle. I don’t know if I should get this or DxO, or neither of them.

I have been liking this…

Kape Technologies was originally found under the name of Crossrider in 2011 developing advertising apps until they changed their name in 2018. However, their software was treated as malware by companies such as Malwarebytes

full disclosure. I left when this happened and joined Mullvad


Screenflow at 20% off now.

6 months extra if you buy one year of Inoreader Pro.🎁.html

I’m after some airpods, do they every get thrown into a BF sale? I’ll wait a week (here in Australia) if they do …

I bought the original pros on a Black Friday sale from Walmart for pretty cheap. Doubt well it direct from Apple on sale but wouldn’t be surprised if major retailers discount them though maybe won’t happen this year since they latest version was jest released.

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Yes, I’ve seen BF sales for Airpods in the US. I assume that retailers in other countries will also put them on sale.

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40% off on all Carrd Pro upgrades, renewals, and gift plans.

Carrd is a service for creating “simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything”. I did not know about this site until I read about it in these Mastodon tips yesterday. I experimented a bit with this service and I’m pretty impressed by how easy it is to create a nice looking page.

I was hoping I could use the free plan for Mastodon “verification”, but unfortunately that requires at least the Pro Standard plan (normal price $19/year). I might still consider that with this Black Friday sale…


thanks for this update

$5.95/mo for four months + $20 Audible credit.

25% off on Flare. I have several Calmer product and I use them daily (I also wear one at night). Helps reduce distracting noise and anxiety. I’m able to survive long Team meetings because of this without my ears buzzing at the end of the day.