Black Friday onwards deals 2019

Hi all,
Last year we had a single thread with all Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Let’s use this thread or create a new one. Anyways better than separate threads.


PDF Expert for 9.99 for first year.

Here’s a bundle that has a few good apps for your Mac, including Daisy Disk and Fantastical 2.

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The Sweet Setup is bundling all their in-depth app courses together for a not-yet announced discounted price. These courses have been awesome for me.

It used to be £9.99 forever :frowning:

I got Affinity Designer on the App Store down from £19.99 to £13.99! Good deal!

There’s also an art app free until some time today, Pixelmator Pro I think?

DEVONthink is 25% off

Should we use separate messages for hardware and software?

And DevonThink To Go is down to $10.99 = 27% off (usually $14.99)

I’m a new user and can’t post all the links

Zengobi Curio has licenses for 30% off

Microsoft Office Home & Student on sale for $99.99 ($50 off)

Nolo press has 50% off many items (Amazon may be more convenient and only slightly more)

Kind of an indirect software discount,
Best Buy has $100 App Store & iTunes Gift Cards for 20% off (in store only)


Hey all, I’ve curated a monster list of apps on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – I literally looked through all 6,000 App Store apps that price-dropped for the holiday (ridiculous) and everything I could find outside the app store as well. Check it out!


I discovered Linky from your massive list. Sounds like a great tool. Thanks!

Awesome! Great app. It used to be better–posted to Facebook as well–but Facebook changed their APIs (sad). But it’s linking and sharing is tremendous. Enjoy!


@MarkDMill Please feel free to include the coupons of the latest CogSci Apps invention (Hook productivity) and cognitive productivity books – my corp/books; good till end of Cyber Monday :slight_smile: .

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@MarkDMill I love to see your deals in Telegram but my interest is in apps only. Is there a way to filter the movies/TV series out? Otherwise, the Telegram is just too crowded (sorry!)

Hey @Topre, unfortunately, I can’t filter the Telegram channel any better than it is now. I’ve heard there’s some work that could be done with programming a Telegram bot, but I can’t justify right now the extra work it’d take to figure that out. If you’re interested in filtering more, the RSS feeds offer pretty amazing filterable RSS feeds, and I also offer Patrons access to filtered emails.

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Save 50% on your first year of 1Password

Deal comes via Wirecutter, which calls 1Password their top password manager.

First year cost is only: $18 for individuals / $30 for families when paid annually.

That’s $1.50 or $2.50 per month for 12 months, respectively.

A pretty great deal.

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If you are a developer this might be handy:

The API tool Paw for Mac is free (instead of $49.99), if you retweet and DM them. :ok_hand:

DevonThink promotion says "It cannot be combined with other offers such as the students & educators discount.” but it does work for upgrades and purchasing additional seats.

I finally bit the bullet.

Upgrading my version 2 license plus adding a 3rd seat came to a total of US$55.50, which seems pretty reasonable.

I still think they ought to include at least 3 seats by default, but they made it clear they weren’t going to budge, and they haven’t added it to the Mac App Store yet (which would, of course, give you 5 seats, but they might price it differently, and of course there are no upgrades there).