PDF Expert is offering a year sub. for 9.99

A bit easier to stomach than the usual 50 bucks.

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Where do you see that?

(I saw a $9.99 offer in Documents, but that’s only for the first year)

When I opened the app there was a popover

I deleted PDF Expert 7 since all functionality is now also in Documents.

Out of curiosity I re-installed PDF Expert. My offer is €52,99/year…

just check my app; subscription still saying 49.99

This is fake news :slight_smile:

I got the popover as well. Not fake news…

What is this sorcery? I want a popover too!


Ah, also first year only (like the Documents 7 deal).

BTW: I checked on iPad; maybe I should have checked on iPhone?

okay downloaded to iphone - and i was able to get 50% off - bring the first year to 24.99

That’s their Black Friday (2019) deal (50% off):