Block GDPR Cookies

Ever since GDPR the web seems plagued by these pop-ups asking my consent to accept cookies rather than just show their content.

Does anyone have a recommendation for iOS (and macOS) apps which remove these?

I’m running 1Blocker for iOS but it doesn’t block them.

Very easy to do with Chrome or Brave, using optional filter lists which block GDPR notices. I imported this filter list by URL with Nano Adblocker on Chrome/Brave.

(Brave, like Vivaldi, Opera and Microsoft’s new Edge browser) use the underlying Chromium codebase from Chrome (so they can use Chrome extensions) while ripping out all the pro-ad and tracking code Google has inside Chrome.)

Alternatively, using uBlock Origin, the most popular adblocker for Chromium browsers, you can achieve similar results by using the Medium blocking mode to block all third party scripts and frames by default; this of course gives you even more control of your browsing in general. (You can also do stuff like block facebook everywhere except on facebook.)

Thanks but I don’t use Chrome. I’m looking for Safari options.

You’re out of luck then!

Well, not completely. On iOS you might be successful with Unobstruct, which requires diving into the Share Sheet to eliminate GDPR notices (making clicking the notice probably faster).

And on the Mac it’s possible that you could get rid of at least some GDPR notices by manually invoking the Javascript Kill Sticky.

On the Mac, I use Banner Hunter for Safari.

I don’t see these often on iOS, but I use 1Blocker X, Better, and Unobstruct, so I assume one of those kills them.

If you’re going to use Safari, that might be worth the $1.99

I have 1BlockerX but still get the pop-ups. What’s the secret?

I don’t think I’ve done any special configuration, so either I’m just not going to sites that use them a lot, or one of the other blockers are taking care of them.

(I also make frequent use of “Reader Mode” so that obviously helps.)