Block internet/iOS use by time of day for my kid


I’m trying to block certain usage of iOS devices, and a Nintendo Switch by time.

basically I want it to be really boring to stay up past bedtime, unless she is reading a paper book.

I tried setting up circle on my Netgear router - it destroyed my network - cut out ⅔ to ½ of my bandwidth, even during times my kids’s access was free and clear.



OpenDNS (now owned by Cisco) has parental controls. Service ranges from free to cheap, depending on your needs.

Don’t forget to look at your router settings as well. My router blocks any traffic from my kids’ devices after a specific time.

From 8pm (our agreed family no-internet time) till 7am our internet is a no go area for a lot of our devices. (And not just theirs!)

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I suppose suggesting that you buy an eero would seem like overkill, but it has this built-in and it works great.

You can group devices by “profile” (usually a person) and shut it on/off either manually or on a schedule.